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RAF Support Could Mean a Deal on Your Next Hartzell Prop

hartzell prop media image feb 2024 RAF strip

If you love visiting backcountry airstrips, camping next to your airplane at sites inaccessible to car travelers, and supporting the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF)and are considering upgrading your prop game in the near future, Hartzell Propeller has a deal for you.

The company is reaffirming its commitment to backcountry aviation enthusiasts by extending a $1,000 discount on new Hartzell backcountry aircraft propellers to RAF supporters throughout 2024. This marks the fourth consecutive year of this exclusive offer, showcasing the company’s dedication to fostering adventure in flight and preservation of our precious wilderness airstrips.

President JJ Frigge said in a release, “We are pleased to be able, once again, to extend this special offer to RAF supporters. In addition to providing these $1,000 discounts on backcountry props, we will contribute $250 directly to the RAF for each propeller sold as a result of this special offer. This is an example of our continuing support for the adventure of flight, and the RAF’s mission to preserve aviation access to the backcountry.”

RAF chairman John McKenna emphasized the significance of this ongoing partnership, saying, “Once again, we are very appreciative of Hartzell’s continued support of the RAF. This relationship is special, and it is a genuine benefit to RAF supporters and a real incentive to becoming a new RAF supporter.”


According to the release, the Hartzell backcountry propellers eligible for the discount include:

These propellers are designed to maximize performance for backcountry operations, including shorter takeoff rolls and better climb rates.

Founded by a group of pilots 20 years ago, the RAF is dedicated to preserving and improving existing airstrips and creating new public-use recreational airstrips throughout the United States. The nonprofit addresses the national concern about recreational airstrip closure and unifies pilots in protecting public aviation access to areas with recreational opportunities. For each of the sales falling under this deal, Hartzell will donate $250 to the RAF.

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