Remarkable Video: Echoes of Kobe Bryant Disaster In Panama Helicopter Crash

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Remarkable Video: Echoes of Kobe Bryant Disaster In Panama Helicopter Crash

It’s difficult not to attract parallels in between the collision of a Panamanian helicopter right into the forest in inadequate aesthetic problems keeping that of the helicopter lugging Kobe Bryant as well as 8 others that collapsed in the hills of Southern California in January 2020.

The largest distinction is that in this situation, there were no casualties. In the California accident, retired basketball super star Kobe Bryant, his teen child Gianna, as well as 7 others consisting of the pilot, died when the Sikorsky S76B they were flying in flew right into tool problems, went out of control as well as collapsed unsurvivably at broadband right into surface listed below.

In this situation, everybody made it through, albeit with countless significant injuries. An independent prospect for the Panamanian 2024 political elections, Dimitri Flores, was just one of 6 guests that endured a helicopter accident touchdown in the unwelcoming surface as well as thick greenery of the Panama forest, and also the pilot’s activities are under the microscopic lense as various other pilots enjoyed the video clip, which reveals the pilot proceeding minimal VFR over a ridge, whereupon all aesthetic recommendation in advance appears to be shed in cloud.

Probably one of the most outstanding component is that the whole collision series was recorded on video clip, which you need to attend think below.

As a lot of helicopter pilots will certainly inform you, in a practically bragging style, helicopters are naturally unpredictable. That’s what makes them so manoeuvrable. It’s additionally why most helicopter pilots will certainly do anything they can to stay clear of VFR-into-IFR problems. When aesthetic recommendations are shed, the pilot is required to change to zipping tools, which is tough sufficient. In this instance, the helicopter was basically flying with the surface at or over the airplane’s elevation, a truth that ratchets up danger immensely.


According to Mr. Flores, the very first to determine the accident website were citizens as opposed to the Panama National Aeronaval Service, as well as also afterwards, it took greater than 3 hrs by foot for the Panamanian initial -responders to get to the targets of the accident also after helicopters flew over the collision website several times.

With no deaths and also an end result that might have been a lot even worse, it’s a finishing that everybody onboard is most likely really happy for.


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