Shatner in Space!

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shatner in space - Shatner in Space!

We must tip our hats to Blue Origin for finding awesome celebrity space travelers to continue to hype its civilian space flights. We’re just having a hard time figuring how they could top this one: Captain Kirk Goes To Space.

Captain Kirk is, of course, actor William Shatner, who played the Starship Enterprise captain on the original Star Trek series and in numerous spinoffs afterward. Shatner, we were told, took about half a second to say yes to the opportunity, we’re guessing at least in part because he’s been fascinated by space ever since he began playing the role.

The short flight was uneventful, except for the passengers’ reactions. Those are always special.

Shatner’s was spectacular. He looked out at that big blue orb down then, then turned to the camera wide eyed and mouthed a single word, “Wow.” Blue Origin’s video is here. And congrats on the voyage, Captain!

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