Skinny-Dipping Via Helicopter: This Hot Spring Jaunt Looks Amazing

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DARK RED helicopter hot springs pg13 copy 469x600 - Skinny-Dipping Via Helicopter: This Hot Spring Jaunt Looks Amazing


Commercial helicopter pilot Leigh Coates is a remarkable pilot and person in general, but her latest adventure is off the charts. Along with her partner, Coates is off on a multi-month adventure to see North America by helicopter, and all we can say is, we want to go!

The photo itself is awesome, Leigh kicking back in the 100-degree hot spring at an unnamed location. Coates’ co-pilot @HeliPilotMike, snapped the shot with his phone.

She told P&P that the two are “are traveling North America by helicopter…4/5 months with no agenda, no expectations and no destination. It’s kinda like vanlife only we carry our camping gear in the helicopter and stay in hotels and with friends when it’s too cold to camp.”

That’s a lot, but it’s more than that, too. “We say yes to every opportunity we can. Our friend said, ‘…follow me up to this hot springs.’ We followed him and after he did a practice landing, he had to leave. We had the whole place to ourselves, so we jumped in!”

Coates is in the perfect place to do this cross-country tour of discovery. “I’m a recently retired commercial helicopter pilot,” she wrote, the “recently retired part being the operative thing here. Coates started a helicopter business a decade ago, building it up “bootstrap style” and selling it just recently. “Reaping the rewards of working my ass off for many years,” she said, “Mike and I bought ourselves a Bell 505 and our goal with it is to fly around the country spreading joy and happiness, taking people for rides and sharing fun adventures.”

Coates shares her daily adventures on her Facebook and Instagram Stories and leaves treasures along the way for people to find. #ispythecandycanehelicopter


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