Skyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot (Vintage Departures)

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One of the Best Books of the Year
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In the 21st century, aircraft flight– when an amazing feat of human resourcefulness– has been relegated to the world of the mundane. In this enchanting representation on flying, , a 747 pilot who left academia and a career in the business world to seek his youth dream of flying, aids us to reimagine what we– as pilots and also as guests– are actually doing when we get in the globe in between departure as well as exploration. In a smooth blend of history, national politics, location, weather forecasting, ecology, family, as well as physics, Vanhoenacker safes throughout geographical and social borders; above mountains, seas, as well as deserts; through snow, wind, as well as rainfall, restoring an at the same time humbling as well as practically superhuman task and reawakening our ability to be surprised.

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