Solo Time!! First Solo Flight and Landing for Private Pilot Student, C-172SP

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It's solo time!! Join Don on his first solo flight and in a . This is an exciting and pivotal point in a student pilots journey to becoming a private pilot. This video captures his first of three take-offs and landings at Aurora State Airport (KUAO).

Congratulations Don!! Excellent job in accomplishing something very few people have.

Aurora Aviation is an FAA Flight School and Cessna Training Center providing Part 61 and Part 141 Flight instruction. Aurora Aviation also offers aircraft rentals, Charter Flights and aircraft maintenance.

Aircraft: Cessna 172SP
Airport: Aurora State Airport (KUAO)


Student Pilot G1000 C-172SP Taxi & Run-up

Student Pilot G1000 C-172SP Crosswind Takeoff and Climb

Student Pilot G1000 C-172 (S-Turns, Side Slip, Forward Slip & Crabbing)

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