In each issue of Plane & Pilot magazine, we share a handful of items for pilots that we feel pilots and aviation enthusiasts would love to have.

The round-up in our April 2020 issue includes sunglasses from AO Original, embroidered aviation patches from the Aeroplane Apparel Co.and more gear for pilots! Click through the gallery below to view all of the items. 

AO Original Eyewear

AO Original Eyewear

AO Original Eyewear

The company behind these sunglasses has been providing eye protection for pilots since the dawn of aviation, with a strong history of outfitting American troops in World Wars I and II with both glasses and a plethora of other gear. Many years later, the company continues to provide top-notch eye protection for pilots around the country.

The Original Pilot glasses are non-polarized and made specifically for airmen. They deliver 100% protection against UVA, along with 98% protection against UVB. Featuring a brow bar and a bayonet temple, the Original Pilot glasses come in three different sizes—52, 55 and 57—ensuring a custom fit for each wearer. The glasses fit naturally under a headset without breaking the seal.

The glasses are available in gray or brown lenses, with the option for either a silver or gold frame. Each pair sells for $149.

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