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Cost for Commercial Helicopter Pilot? Training Video Online Ground School

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Cost for Commercial Helicopter Pilot? Video Online Ground School.

Cost for Commercial Helicopter Pilot? Video response to the question what is the cost to become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot. How hard are you willing to Study Helicopter Flight? Frequency of Helicopter Flying. So many factors involved in how much your Helicopter Training will cost!

Are there ways to save money on the Cost? The answer is yes, absolutely!

Our Past Student Jeff Kasza save a ton of money on his Commercial Helicopter Training by going to California and going along in a News Helicopter to build time. And that was the priceless Helicopter Turbine Time!

Helicopter Ferry Flights is another way to save money on your Helicopter Training! You will have to do the leg work to find these things, but they are out there!

Bottom line if you want to be a Helicopter Pilot, you can get there!

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Cost for Commercial Helicopter Pilot? Training Video Online Ground School

V Speeds -Private Pilot – Lesson 6c

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Crosswind Component Chart – Private Pilot – Lesson 7b

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Required Equipment and MEL- Private Pilot – Lesson 12a

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Takeoff Performance – Private Pilot – Lesson 7c

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Ground Reference Maneuvers – Private Pilot Lesson 4 a

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How to convert EASA to FAA Pilot Licence

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Explains the process of converting your EASA/ICAO pilot licence into an FAA licence so you may rent and fly aircraft in the USA. Pilots Paradise provide a full guide on how to do this and can give you access to rental aircraft in the USA too. Go to www.pilots-paradise.com and sign up for our free guide on how to do it. www.pilots-paradise.com

Private Pilot Privileges

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What’s New , Abyssinian Flight Service & Pilot training school graduation ceremony 2015

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Abyssinian Flight Services and Pilot Training School(AFS-PTS) – graduated its 5th batch Pilots at Sheraton Addis Hotel on October 3rd 2015. AFS-PTS is an Ethiopian Civil Aviation(ECAA) accredited Pilot Training School established 1999.
On this day, AFS-PTS graduated 7 with PPL(Private Pilot License), 10 with CPL+MR+IR (Integrated Commercial Pilot License i.e. with Multi-Engine Rating and Instrument Rating), and 2 with Instructor Pilots with (Instructor Rating).
On the event, Cornell Wosenyeleh Hunegnaw (Director of ECAA) has appreciated what AFS-PTS is contributing for the country's Aviation Industry.

Private Pilot Certificate!! l Dad’s Surprise

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On March 21, 2012, I had my fixed wing checkride from KUZA, Rock Hill, SC.

It had built up for a while and my dad kept asking when I was going to get it but I wasn't sure.

I told him me and my instructor, Troy, were going to come to the airport close to him for a maintenance flight.

Immediately after completing my checkride and getting my temporary license on paper, I set back into the sky to head to Monroe, NC for the "maintenance flight."

I took the crew car, picked up my dad – we were going to meet Troy and the mechanic back at the airport.

We started to walk outside my dad made some comments to I replied "oh look at that jet over there."

Then, I set the camera rolling and this is what happened.

Thanks for watching!


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