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Stability of the Atmosphere – Private Pilot – Lesson 5f

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Private Pilot Biennial Flight Review In Diamond DA-40 (2013)

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Here are a few highlights from my recent Private Pilot Biennial flight review. This was the first time using the FAA WINGS program which I would highly recommend to anyone continuing your flight training and to stay proficient. The minimum FAA requirements are 1 hour ground instruction and 1 hour flight instruction. Using the WINGS program you can work at your own pace and take the courses online (Free) until you meet your ground requirement. Then, all you need to do is the flight portion which in my case consisted of most all of the flight maneuvers you did on your Private checkride. We did: Slow flight, MCA turns, hood work simulating IMC, Stalls power on & off, engine out, soft short field landings, go arounds, unusual attitudes just to name a few.

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Gliding and Engine Out – Private Pilot Lesson 2f

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Crosswind Component Chart – Private Pilot – Lesson 7b

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Ground Reference Maneuvers – Private Pilot Lesson 4 a

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Density Altitude – Private Pilot – Lesson 6e

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First Solo Flight | Student Pilot | HD GoPro | Cockpit & Radio/Com Audio

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This was my first solo flight as a student pilot on 8-15-13. I've heard stories of instructors surprising the student with their first solo. This was planned. I knew I was coming to the airport to solo this day. (I was at 14 hrs). First we did 3 touch and goes in the pattern together.. I completely greased the last one.. Felt great! Then the training wheels came off (when I dropped Dennis off at the terminal).

I was nervous. I won't lie. It really was like the first time you take off on a bicycle when you're a little kid; when your parents let go of you.. you have fear at first.. then you realize "Hey, I got this!". I'll never ever forget this day.

Shot list:
Dual Landing: 00:10
First Solo Takeoff: 02:18
First Landing: 07:05
Second Landing: 08:18
Third Landing: 09:25

Thanks for watching!

BTW, I am a professional audio engineer. I pride myself in good audio mixes in my flight videos. There are probably easier ways of doing it, but i record the Com mix into my phone (using an ipad guitar input adapter) and line up with the video later.

How to prepare for airline pilot training

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In this video I will be giving you some guidance on what to think of when you want to prepare for flight training from an early age.
What should you study? When can you start? What should you think of? All shall be revealed!
But remember, you need to watch the WHOLE video, otherwise something might be missed.

On this channel you can expect video-blogs, technical instructions, flying techniques and much more about the wonderful world of commercial aviation and the life of airline pilots.
I am using my 13 years of experience as an airline pilot, training-captain and TRI/TRE to give you MY view of the airline business and the role of an airline pilot.

All the content is intended to give you a positive and constructive view into the fantastic world of commercial aviation.
Please keep your comments and questions in the same spirit and please INTERACT. The channel becomes much better then and its intended for YOUR benefit.

The content on this channel is for info and entertainment only and is not intended to replace any existing FCOM manuals or SOP's.
I am only talking for myself and do not represent any specific company, airline or entity.

Become a private pilot – EP1 –

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Flying To Lunch – Another Reason You Should Be A Pilot

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