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Brussels Airlines’ Peculiar New Livery

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Brussels A320 - Brussels Airlines’ Peculiar New Livery

December 2, 202

The new Brussels Airlines livery is out. And I’m seeing spots, dots, speckles and freckles. As Graham Chapman used to say: What’s all this then?

Not that the prior Brussels — or is it Bubbles? — paintjob was anything grand, but this one is just depressing. The typeface is attractive, and there’s no reason to dislike the lowercase “b,” as other reviewers seem to. The rest of it, though. Doubtless the conceivers of this gibberish see their work as hip and modern and clever. What the rest of us see is meaningless and boring.

“Peculiar,” I described it in the header. It’s that, and more too; which is to say less. Behold the modern livery in perhaps its inevitable culmination: a palette of random nothingness.

Brussels A330 - Brussels Airlines’ Peculiar New Livery

Brussels Airlines was formed in 2005 after the demise of Sabena, which had been the Belgian flag carrier since 923. (Try Googling up photos of some old Sabena 747-200s for an idea of what an a livery should look like.) Today it operates around 40 aircraft to nearly a hundred cities throughout Europe, Africa, and North America.

It’s one of the few carriers to call itself after a city rather than a country. Offhand I can think of at least five others, past and present, who did the same thing. How many can you name?


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Livery Alert: Brussels Airlines’ Brighter (and Dottier) New Look

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livery alert brussels airlines brighter and dottier new look - Livery Alert: Brussels Airlines’ Brighter (and Dottier) New Look

Brussels Airlines – Belgium’s flag carrier and part of the Lufthansa group – was forced to shut down operations completely during the first wave of the pandemic last year. Since reopening they’ve been gradually ramping services up again. And to keep the momentum going they recently revealed a complete livery redesign.

It’s a spin on the Eurowhite look that’s been increasingly popular around the world: a white background without solid colors or cheatlines on the fuselage. There’s no more dotted “B” on the tail either, but dots still make an appearance on the tail and the front of the fuselage. The nine orange dots in a 3×3 grid (the new core logo) are all different sizes, representing the diversity of the airline’s crew and customers.

I think the colors are the strongest part of the new design. The gorgeous deep blue text goes nicely with the red on the tail. The new fonts are an improvement too. But all those dots? I think they work better on the longer A330 (see the lower-right pic above). But on the A320 they cover more of the fuselage, and the plane ends up looking like it has technicolor chicken pox. Your overall opinion of the livery likely depends on your attitude towards the Eurowhite look. But compared with the dated prior livery, it’s definitely a change for the better. Another clear win is that white paint is lighter and reflects more heat, which offers a degree of environmental benefit.

Comment below to let us know what you think of the new look, livery enthusiasts!

All images courtesy of Brussels Airlines. 

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