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unusual Cockpit landing Airport Nürnberg [PILOT’S VIEW] – steep approach RWY 28

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short approach – short video 😉
climb into the cockpit of this 172 and enjoy this short approach 😉
on downwind for runway 28 in Nuremberg (EDDN) we were advised to do a short approach. Always exciting with a sharper turn into the final. The landing wasn't one of my smoothest though… 😉
for information on how to obtain your own privat pilot license check out: www.eddn.de

Ground Reference Maneuvers – Private Pilot Lesson 4 a

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Cessna 172 pilot with no training, no hours, only flight simulator experience. Takeoff and landing

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Pilot has zero hours flight instruction, and has never been in a private plane. His only training is on a desktop flight simulator. Instructor has 18,000 hours of flight time and is a CFI and commercial airline pilot, presently flying 757's and 767's. This flight challenge occurs with no in-flight assistance, verbal or mechanical, nor any other aid from the flight instructor.

For the full backstory check out:

Flying To Lunch – Another Reason You Should Be A Pilot

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GoPro Liberty University commercial pilot training – summer flight trailer

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I am a Private and Instrument rated pilot currently working on my commercial pilots license at Liberty University. I have just over 200 hours and this is some video I collected from a few flights. This is my FIRST ever edited video so if you have any criticism I am all ears. The 172 skyhawks used in this video are N2373M, N94901, and N459JA. The music is Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell….It is their music and I do not claim or have any ownership of it.

Private Pilot Instrument Training with IFR hood ( full video )

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Private Pilot Lessons: Stabilized Approach and Landing

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Solo Time!! First Solo Flight and Landing for Private Pilot Student, C-172SP

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It's solo time!! Join Don on his first solo flight and landing in a C-172. This is an exciting and pivotal point in a student pilots journey to becoming a private pilot. This video captures his first of three take-offs and landings at Aurora State Airport (KUAO).

Congratulations Don!! Excellent job in accomplishing something very few people have.

Aurora Aviation is an FAA Flight School and Cessna Training Center providing Part 61 and Part 141 Flight instruction. Aurora Aviation also offers aircraft rentals, Charter Flights and aircraft maintenance.

Aircraft: Cessna 172SP
Airport: Aurora State Airport (KUAO)


Student Pilot G1000 C-172SP Taxi & Run-up

Student Pilot G1000 C-172SP Crosswind Takeoff and Climb

Student Pilot G1000 C-172 (S-Turns, Side Slip, Forward Slip & Crabbing)

Private Pilot Flight Training: Soft Field Takeoff and Landing C-172 5 Camera Test with Gopro

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Understand the Private Pilot Flight Training Process Before You Start Spending Money:

This is a soft field takeoff followed by a normal landing. It was supposed to be a soft field landing but the student changed his mind half way around the traffic pattern. The landing itself would have passed the private pilot flight test for a soft field landing.

5 cameras were used on this video. There are 3 datatoys av-hd cameras and 2 go pro cameras used in this video. The center, left and right cameras are the datatoys av-hd cameras and the instrument panel and the side camera are go pro's.

I am still getting a little vibration in the left, right and instrument cameras but I have it figured out how to get them nice and smooth

Private Pilot Lesson 1

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