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What Does It Take To Get Your Private Pilot License | FAA Requirements

Ever wonder what it takes to get your Pilot License? Here's a quick breakdown of what the requirements are.

I've tried my best to give you a general idea of all the requirements. I may not have them down exactly but it will give you everything you need to get started.

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unusual Cockpit landing Airport Nürnberg [PILOT’S VIEW] – steep approach RWY 28

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short approach – short video 😉
climb into the cockpit of this Cessna 172 and enjoy this short approach 😉
on downwind for runway 28 in Nuremberg (EDDN) we were advised to do a short approach. Always exciting with a sharper turn into the final. The landing wasn't one of my smoothest though… 😉
for information on how to obtain your own privat pilot license check out: www.eddn.de

An eventual review & insight of the Jeppesen Privat Pilot 141 Kit.

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For the first video on this channel, I decided to give my suggestions on how to get started on the journey to obtaining a private pilot certificate. A journey that I am currently on and will remain on until I get the number one thing needed for pilot training. MONEY! feel free to comment and tell me your ideas on what kind of general aviation videos to put up here. I have had one good suggestion of putting aerobatic videos up. I will be doing that later when the air show rolls into town. whoa…. this is WAY to much to put in a description. I'm sorry! just remember when commenting that negative comments are just public displays of personal insecurity and cowardly behavior. If you did not like my video, then just leave and find some way to calm yourself down

Basic Fuel Management for Aircraft – FAA video Private/Instrument/Commercial Pilot training

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This is an FAA video and is the work product of the US Government and, as such, carries no copyright and is free for use. This video covers basic fuel management in piston-powered general aviation aircraft. It looks to be from about 1975.
I have a lot of FAA videos to upload, I estimate around 30, and will be converting them and uploading over the next few weeks. Please subscribe to stay informed of new uploads.
Note that the source video tape for this has a few issues that are reflected in this video but it is still very watchable and informative.
Thank you

Can a Private Pilot Land a Airliner with an ENGINE OUT?

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Ground Reference Maneuvers – Private Pilot Lesson 4 a

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Private Pilot Check Ride

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Flying Refresher – Time for Rusty Pilots to Get Current

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It’s not always easy for pilots to admit when they’re feeling a bit rusty, but it happens to all of us. Join the instructional staff at Sporty’s Academy for a flying refresher to include flying tips and techniques, regulations, airspace, weather and more!

And if you’ve been away from flying for an extended period of time, we’ll also debunk some of those myths associated with rejoining the aviation community and highlight what may have changed since you last flew.

Please join us to brush up on your aviation knowledge and return to the skies a safer, more proficient pilot.

Private Pilot Ground School Lesson at Gillespie Field, Golden State Flying Club.

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Heather’s Flying Tips for Student Pilots – Class D Airspace

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Heather is a student pilot with about 30hrs at Perception Prime Flight School in Beverly MA, and a fellow WPI engineer as well. She has trained in several different types of aircraft, and has some good wisdom to offer.

Hey, did you guys know that the FAA actually certifies flight instructors to tell you everything that I try to convey in these videos? You should definitely talk to one of them instead of trusting some video you found on the internet, because who am I to tell you how to fly? I'm just a pilot sharing my experiences with the world, and these videos are not meant to be instructional or advisory in any respect.

For a full explanation of this disclaimer, see: friendlyskiesfilm.com/episodes

Season 1, Episode 22


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