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First Solo Flight | Student Pilot | HD GoPro | Cockpit & Radio/Com Audio

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This was my solo flight as a student pilot on 8-15-13. I've heard stories of instructors surprising the student with their solo. This was planned. I knew I was coming to the airport to solo this day. (I was at 14 hrs). First we did 3 touch and goes in the pattern together.. I completely greased the last one.. Felt great! Then the training wheels came off (when I dropped Dennis off at the terminal).

I was nervous. I won't lie. It really was like the first time you take off on a bicycle when you're a little kid; when your parents let go of you.. you have fear at first.. then you realize "Hey, I got this!". I'll never ever forget this day.

Shot list:
Dual Landing: 00:10
First Solo Takeoff: 02:18
First Landing: 07:05
Second Landing: 08:18
Third Landing: 09:25

Thanks for watching!

BTW, I am a professional audio engineer. I pride myself in good audio mixes in my flight videos. There are probably easier ways of doing it, but i record the Com mix into my phone (using an ipad guitar input adapter) and line up with the video later.

737 Cockpit Video: Airline Pilot Training Simulator PART 1

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Get Your Private Pilot License – Start Flying Today

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Get Your Private Pilot License – Start Flying Today
Three years ago when I was 19 years old I packed my bags and moved to Colorado to start training to become a pilot. 70 hours of flying later I got my private pilots license and it was the best day of my life. It took a lot of studying and hard work to become a pilot, but I can safely say anyone can do it. Imagine how you will feel to invite a friend or family member to take to the skies with you.

The very first thing I would do is make sure you are healthy enough to fly. You will need a medical certificate to be able to apply for a private pilot license. You technically do not need one until before you get your license, but trust me you do not want to put all that time and money into something to find out later you cannot even do it.

The second step is to find a good flight school, I went to Western Air Flight Academy in Broomfield Colorado, but there are hundreds of great schools with professional flight instructors. Every school does what they call a discovery flight to see if it is indeed something you will love. My guess is you will be hooked as soon as you sit in that little Cessna.

Training is on your time, the instructor works for you, so if you want to come in 1 or 2 times a week for an hour of flying, or 4 or 5 times a week it does not matter (it usually comes down to how much money you are willing to spend a week because it is quite expensive). I recommend going at least 2 times a week to keep your skills sharp.

Before you know it, it will be time for your first solo, usually only about 13 hours of flying into it, pretty much when you learn to land by yourself you are ready to solo. That was by far the most exciting day of my life, and really could not believe I was doing it. There is still a lot of work to do before you get your private pilot license though. The average amount of hours it takes a student is about 65 to 75 hours.

Bottom line is aviation is thrilling! From the different maneuvers that will make your stomach drop, to the smooth night time air and the lights of the city. Nothing beats it; you owe it to yourself to start getting your wings today.
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Pilot Medical Certificates and Applying For Your Student Pilot License

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This is a video introducing you to both how to get your student pilot license as well as how to get a medical certificate for flying in the United States. Insight is given on what the medical certificate process is and thoughts on the requirements.

Guide on what is required for the various classes of medical licenses:

IACRA website to sign up for a student pilot license:

Excellent resource for those of us who worry about diabetes and flying:

Intro Video Credits:

Video supplied by:
'Passing Clouds' CC-BY NatureClip, 2013

(Used under Creative Commons License)

Music provided by:
Hoved – Fly:
(Used under Creative Commons License)

Smile by Sappheiros (Music provided by HearWeGo)

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Listen on Youtube: youtu.be/I6KykyiuzO4?list=PL44UysF4ZQ23B_ITIqM8Fqt1UXgsA9yD6

Solo Time!! First Solo Flight and Landing for Private Pilot Student, C-172SP

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It's solo time!! Join Don on his first solo flight and landing in a C-172. This is an exciting and pivotal point in a student pilots journey to becoming a private pilot. This video captures his first of three take-offs and landings at Aurora State Airport (KUAO).

Congratulations Don!! Excellent job in accomplishing something very few people have.

Aurora Aviation is an FAA Flight School and Cessna Training Center providing Part 61 and Part 141 Flight instruction. Aurora Aviation also offers aircraft rentals, Charter Flights and aircraft maintenance.

Aircraft: Cessna 172SP
Airport: Aurora State Airport (KUAO)


Student Pilot G1000 C-172SP Taxi & Run-up

Student Pilot G1000 C-172SP Crosswind Takeoff and Climb

Student Pilot G1000 C-172 (S-Turns, Side Slip, Forward Slip & Crabbing)

GF = My 1st Passenger Post Helicopter Private Pilot Rating

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After my GF got me started on Helicopter training a year ago I finally got my Private Pilot Certificate 06/09/12. She promised she would be my first passenger so on 06/14/12 I completed the helicopter training circle by taking her for her first ever ride in a helicopter. The bird is a Hughes Schweizer Sikorsky 300C owned and operated by Canyon State Aero based out of Falcon Field (KFFZ) Mesa, Arizona.

First Solo Flight – Cessna C150 – Private Pilot License

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First Stage of the Dream : Private Pilot License

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My First Flight With My Private Pilot License

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Private Pilot – Stage I – First solo!

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Private Pilot - Stage I - First solo!

I've been flying at Northwest Aviation College for just over a month now and took my first Solo flight on Friday the 12th of August. I'm flying the Piper Warrior III 2002, I believe. Working on stage II at the moment out of III, then follows my Private Pilots License!

I remember watching all other pilots first solo's and thinking "Man, I can't wait till that's me!". I figured I'd contribute to the Student Pilot community and to those watching first time Solo's, like I still do. Best of luck and if you can, share me your video!


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