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the origins of mayday
How to Become a Pilot

The Origins of “Mayday”

May 1st, also known as May Day, has several connotations. In some cultures, it is celebrated as the traditional beginning of spring marked by placing baskets of flowers on doorsteps. For pilots, uttering the phrase “MAYDAY” means they’re in trouble—but have you ever wondered why? MAYDAY and PAN-PAN—also used when we’re in trouble—are both derived …

rising above the freezing level
How to Become a Pilot

Rising Above the Freezing Level

Short of an erroneous forecast or calibration issue with your immersion thermometer, if you can remain below the lowest freezing level during your entire flight, there’s typically no chance for an encounter with airframe ice. Induction ice is certainly possible, but not airframe ice. If you plan an altitude where the temperature aloft is zero …

need parts for your vintage aircraft
How to Become a Pilot

Need Parts for Your Vintage Aircraft?

A new FAA program should reduce the difficulty of finding spare parts needed to keep vintage aircraft flying, according to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). The Vintage Aircraft Replacement and Modification Article, or VARMA program, allows maintenance personnel to validate that “low-risk,” off-the-shelf replacement parts are suitable for use in type-certificated aircraft without requiring a …