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Friday Photo: a patchwork quilt

The view: Flying over fields in Victoria, Australia, after heavy rains The pilot: Neil Sidwell The airplane: ICP Savannah The mission: My first flight over regional Victoria after lifting of COVID restrictions The memory: Yellow canola, brown ploughed fields, green grass, and dark green wooded hills in the background melding into a patchwork quilt. Want …

Get Your Pilots License 1

Friday Photo: Le Bourget Lake

The view: Le Bourget Lake, located in the French Alps The pilot: Phillippe Platek The airplane: Cessna 152 (F-GDIK) The mission: A recreational flight from Annecy (LFLP) to Chambery (LFLB) The memory: From snowy peaks to calm water, all in one shot. Want to share your “Friday Photo?” Send your photo and description (using the format above) to: [email protected] …

Get Your Pilots License 1

Fire, fire, fire

“To err is human, but to persevere in error is only the act of a fool.” —Cicero I had qualified as a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force in 1966, completed the flight instructor’s course a few months earlier, and just upgraded to QFI Cat B a few days ago. In other words, I …