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An eventual review & insight of the Jeppesen Privat Pilot 141 Kit.

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For the first video on this channel, I decided to give my suggestions on how to get started on the journey to obtaining a private pilot certificate. A journey that I am currently on and will remain on until I get the number one thing needed for pilot training. MONEY! feel free to comment and tell me your ideas on what kind of general aviation videos to put up here. I have had one good suggestion of putting aerobatic videos up. I will be doing that later when the air show rolls into town. whoa…. this is WAY to much to put in a description. I'm sorry! just remember when commenting that negative comments are just public displays of personal insecurity and cowardly behavior. If you did not like my video, then just leave and find some way to calm yourself down

Cost for Commercial Helicopter Pilot? Training Video Online Ground School

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Join Online Ground School:



Free PDF copy of my Amazon Best Seller Helicopter Check Ride!:

for Commercial Helicopter Pilot? Training Video Online Ground School.

Cost for Commercial Helicopter Pilot? Video response to the question what is the cost to become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot. How hard are you willing to Study Helicopter Flight? Frequency of Helicopter Flying. So many factors involved in how much your Helicopter Training will cost!

Are there ways to save money on the Flight Training Cost? The answer is yes, absolutely!

Our Past Jeff Kasza save a ton of money on his Commercial Helicopter Training by going to California and going along in a News Helicopter to build time. And that was the priceless Helicopter Turbine Time!

Helicopter Ferry Flights is another way to save money on your Helicopter Training! You will have to do the leg work to find these things, but they are out there!

Bottom line if you want to be a Helicopter Pilot, you can get there!

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Cost for Commercial Helicopter Pilot? Training Video Online Ground School

Private Pilot Check Ride

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Private Pilot Ground School Lesson at Gillespie Field, Golden State Flying Club.

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Private Pilot Course – Steep Turns

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This free sample on Steep Turns is a small part of our two and a half hour video showing you how to perform all of the takeoffs, landings and flight maneuvers for the Private Pilot practical test. We use real HD in-flight video and animation to make everything clear, precise, and easy to understand. You'll also see that we don't use fillers that waste your time. Just what you need to do and know to fly the right way and pass your flight test with ease. For more information and to get the complete Private Pilot product, visit our website at flighttrainingapps.com.

Private Checkride

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PPL flight training video Cessna 172 – Must See for Student Pilot

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Me doing my PPL Flight training.
Practicing slow flight, seep turns, stalls (with flaps and clean).
Take off from Van Nuys airport, than flight over the mounties towards Santa Monica, Practice over the shore, flight back and landing. Feel free to leave comments and ratings. The Plane is a Cessna 172

The Secret to Affordable Flight Training!

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It may be the best kept secret in all of flight training! Find out how you can save $5000 or more on your flight training anywhere in the US. It's so simple but surrounded by misinformation and misunderstandings: you CAN get your Private Pilot Certificate in a Light Sport Aircraft!

Once you get your certification you can fly Cessna 172's, get your instrument rating, go on to get your commercial, even get your ATP! Training in an LSA for your Private or building time for your commercial saves you tons of money and doesn't affect your ecrtification in any way!

Have questions? Give us a call at 972-735-9099! We'll be happy to help!

Become a private pilot – EP1 –

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My Student Pilot Journey

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I'm a licensed pilot!! Since getting my private pilot kit from Gleim in May of 2012 and my first flight lesson in July 2012 to my checkride on June 25, 2014, it's been a long, well-spent journey to achieve my private pilot's license at the age of 18. Such a rewarding industry aviation is. I wouldn't give anything up for it.

To describe a little bit on checkride day, it began on June 25, 2014. The trek began to Greenwood, SC. I finished the IACRA application and the FAA Form 8710-1 (as a backup), collected my current AF/D and sectional, grabbed the maintenance logs, and made sure I had everything else needed for my checkride before we left the ground in Gainesville, GA. We arrived at Greenwood with about an hour to spare for me to relax a bit. The examiner showed up about 10 minutes late and we immediately began the paperwork and went straight into the oral exam. After panicking over this for the past week, I nailed it. As we finished, he said, "You made that look easy. Now, are you ready to fly?" A sigh of relief passed as we walked out to the plane and I began to pre-flight the aircraft. We climbed into the plane and made final checks. First embarrassing mistake of the day which I can attribute to being pretty nervous, I forget to turn the mags to both and begin cranking the engine. It took me a second to realize my mistake and quickly fixed it. The rest of the flight went uneventfully. He didn't say a word during the flight except to tell me to perform the maneuvers. I knocked out item after item on his checklist and greased the landings. I taxied in and shut down the engine; waiting for a thumbs up, he said, "You made that easy on me. Congratulations." We walked inside to finalize everything and get my temporary certificate printed. Smiles on the faces of both my CFI and my own, we made the trip home.

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Air Traffic Control recordings from LiveATC.net.

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