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how to fly in formation safely
How to Become a Pilot

Just how to Fly in Formation Safely

Let’s admit it, that has not looked skyward with wonder as well as regard as the Thunderbirds, Snowbirds or Blue Angels did their complex maneuvers and also stated, “How do they do that?”Well, the reality is, these development aerobatic demos are the item of lengthy hrs of training, extraordinary trip self-control, and also immaculately ready …

How to Become a Pilot

Tips And Tricks For Winter Flying

During the Cold War period from the 1950s until the mid-1990s, thousands of young military aviators fresh out of flight schools in the sunbelt states found themselves assigned to brand-new bases in places like Great Falls, Montana; Minot, North Dakota; the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; and Loring, Maine. The requirement to defend the nation from …

How to Become a Pilot

Making Good Use Of Information Sharing

Advertisement Not everything in the professional world is written in policy, procedure and checklists. Every profession creates a certain amount of local knowledge, and certainly aviation has its share. One of the most attractive features of military or airline flying is the amount of information sharing that occurs. In these settings, critical information is often …

How to Become a Pilot

Communicate Like a Pro Pilot

Advertisement In addition to being first through the sound barrier, Chuck Yeager was the originator of that low-key distinctive West Virginia drawl that generations of military pilots mimicked if they wanted to be guilty of having the “right stuff.” No matter how serious the emergency, pilots have taken his lead and sounded cool, calm and …