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the ukrainian air force claims one of their mig 29s has shot down a russian su 35 today 11
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

The Ukrainian Air Force Claims One Of Their MiG-29s Has Shot Down A Russian Su-35 Today

A selfie of a Ukrainian MiG-29 pilot.( Image credit report: Ukrainian Air Force)According to the Ukrainian armed force, the Fulcrum downed the Flanker by-product over Kherson area previously today.”Today, May 27, around 14.00 o’clock a MiG-29 competitor of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine rejected a Russian boxer Su-35, which postured a …

stop spreading fake news the ghost of kyiv is a legend ukrainian military says 6
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

‘Stop Spreading Fake News: The Ghost Of Kyiv Is A Legend’, Ukrainian Military Says

One of the photos that flowed on-line allegedly showing the” Ghost of Kyiv “.(Ukrainian Air Force )Some insurance claims regarding the “Ghost of Kyiv” that went viral recently and also various other current “urban myths”were simply formally unmasked.” Hero of Ukraine Stepan Tarabalka is NOT” Ghost of Kyiv “and also he did NOT struck 40 …

Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Fourth Joint Scramble In Less Than 2 Weeks For The Italian And German Eurofighters In Romania

File photo of an Italian F-2000A Typhoon during a scramble. (Image credit: ItAF) The Italian and German Air Force jointly support QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) from Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, Romania. From mid-February, eight Eurofighter Typhoons of the Aeronautica Militare and six Eurofighters of the German Air Force’s Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 74, jointly operate from Mihail …

Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Polish Air Force F-16s Carry Out First Intercept during ‘PKW Orlik 10’ Baltic Air Policing Rotation

The Russian Il-20 intercepted by the Polish Air Force over the Baltic. (Image Credit: Polish Air Force/NATO Aircom) The Polish Vipers have intercepted a Russian Il-20 spyplane over the Baltic. The Polish Air Force has carried out its first intercept during the current Baltic Air Policing rotation, involving the F-16 “Jastrząb” aircraft. The aircraft intercepted …

Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Two Russian Tu-160 Bombers Escorted By Flankers Intercepted By Italian Typhoons, Danish F-16s Over The Baltic Sea

Some screenshots from the Russian MOD video show the Tu-160s, accompanying Su-35S and an Italian Eurofighter Typhoon. In the bottom left hand box, a screenshot from Two Tu-160s have flown over the Baltic region. NATO, Finnish and Swedish fighters shadowed the Russian Blackjacks which were escorted by Su-35s. Two Russian Aerospace Forces Tu-160 Blackjacks …