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Tecnam Launches STOL Version of P2012

tecnam launches stol version of p2012

While many understand the Italian airplane producer Tecnam for their series of single-engine LSAs and also various other standard airplane, the firm simply presented a brand-new variation of the P2012 Traveler piston double, marked the P2012 STOL. And also for those that have actually been around the air travel block awhile, you recognize that the STOL classification is the phrase for Short Take Off & Landing. According to the producer, what that suggests for this airplane is it is targeting guest and also freight drivers that require the capability to use unaltered airstrips as brief as 1,000 feet. With trip examinations finished previously the recognition as well as this year procedure prepared for following year, Tecnam wishes to supply these airplane as quickly as the regulative procedures have actually been completely vetted as well as finished.

The STOL variation of the P2012, passing the classification a minimum of, is not a brand-new airplane however an upgrade to the qualified double Tecnam presented in 2012. Regarding what makes it a “STOL” airplane, information from Tecnam are thin, however reading the specifications, the one that stands apart is the engine swap, from 375 hp Lycoming powerplants to tailored 375 hp engines from Continental coupled with three-blade MT props; the conventional P-2012 utilized four-blade MT props. No word from Tecnam concerning enhancements to the equipment or airframe for short-field job.

Up till the current intro of this airplane, business short-haul drivers needed to count on an aging fleet of STOL airplane with layouts and also, in a lot of cases, avionics that goes back years. This consists of the attempted as well as real de Havilland Twin Otter, in addition to the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. Tecnam thinks that their fully equipped comfy inside (assume home windows for each and every traveler, air-conditioning, warm and also fresh air vents, LED analysis lights, cupholders and also USB ports throughout), together with pilot-centric glass panel and also cutting edge avionics will certainly establish the P2012 STOL aside from the aging competitors. In addition, with versatile arrangements for approximately 9 guests (plus pilot), the airplane can bring those guests or a mix of guests as well as freight to those underserved, unaltered markets with loved one convenience.

Released touchdown ranges are detailed in the 1,000-foot variety, with a helpful lots of simply over 2,800 extra pounds and also an optimum departure weight of simply over 8,100 extra pounds. It is rather feasible that the P2012 STOL can open up specific niche possibilities for lots of underserved markets if those specifications hold real. That might inevitably convert to a rewarding use this brand-new STOL airplane for those drivers that make the approximated $2.6 million financial investment.


With success of their present offerings well developed, sector viewers will certainly be maintaining their eyes on Tecnam and also the P2012 STOL as it relocates thru the qualification recognition stages, inevitably touchdown at those drivers searching for an airplane to establish them apart as well as opening up brand-new markets and also brand-new profits streams.

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