The Practical Pilot (Volume One): A Pilot’s Common Sense Guide to Safer Flying.

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51R51HZ0ewL - The Practical Pilot (Volume One): A Pilot's Common Sense Guide to Safer Flying.

'The Practical Pilot' supplies you an easy-to-read, sound judgment guide for pilots that surpasses the class.
This first quantity reviews the 'fundamentals' across topics ranging from flying the approach and touchdown to diverting in flight and also what it really indicates to be the 'Pilot in Command'. This award-winning author has actually been a certified trip trainer for more than 25 years as well as gathered over 17,000 hours in over 80 aircraft kinds varying from two-seat trainers to international airplanes. Whether you are yearning to fly, discovering how to fly or reviewing lessons from lengthy earlier, 'The Practical Pilot' supplies something for every pilot.

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