The Story Behind the Cessna 172 that Flew from California to Hawaii

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The Story Behind the Cessna 172 that Flew from California to Hawaii

Pilots understand that a lengthy cross-country solo trip is a need for getting a sought after FAA pilot’s certification. With a current distribution trip of a Cessna 172 Skyhawk continuously from California to Hawaii, the term “lengthy cross

countryNationhas new brand-newDefinition This was” monstrous.” The range covered 2,190 nm in a little over 18 hrs. I’ll do the mathematics for you. That’s approximately 116 knots for every single among those 18 hrs in trip. As well as for those geographically tested, allow me advise you that this lengthy ferryboat trip mores than just water. As well as … even more water.

What is called for of the courageous pilot that undertakes this kind of job? According to this ferryboat pilot, Tom Lopes, his years of experience as a ferryboat pilot assisted him prepare for this uncommon trip, where the function was to supply this 172 Skyhawk to the brand-new proprietor, George Hanzawa of George’s Aviation.

One of the most noticeable obstacle would certainly be to bring sufficient gas aboard. Commonly, a 172 has a capability of 53 gallons of avgas. In typical cruise ship with the Lycoming IO-360 engine spinning along, you would certainly anticipate a little over 600 nm in no wind problems when the aircraft is rounded off. That is, undoubtedly, woefully except the 2,190 nm from Merced Regional Airport in Merced, California, where the trip left, to the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu, Hawaii, where it landed.

It’s typical for ferryboat trips to handle extra gas in briefly set up gas bladders/tanks, with proper authorizations. This was no exemption for Lopes’ as it was reported that he had an added 157 gallons of gas onboard a momentary storage tank put in the back seat location, where he plumbed this gas resource to the existing gas system. This supposedly took him a complete 3 weeks to mount however offered him regarding 210 complete gallons of gas for his trip. That would certainly convert to a variety of greater than 2,500 miles, well within the range he was taking a trip if the winds agreed with. The projections stated they would certainly be, and also, fortunately, they were.

It’s likewise reported that Lopes had a group on the ground to track his trip, making recommended power establishing adjustments, while checking his gas melt. Every one of this while he reported his placement per hour to Air Traffic Control– no radar protection is offered in the magnitude of the Pacific Ocean.


Why not simply deliver the airplane over water? That is, as a matter of fact, exactly how it’s typically done. In this situation, the purchaser chosen to have Lopes shuttle the airplane considering that the idea of dismantling it, delivering it (which can take some time, specifically nowadays) and also reconstructing it might present problems to the brand-new airplane– reassembly does not constantly go efficiently. Flying it over appeared to be the finest service and also, we were informed, concerning the exact same general expense as prepping and also delivering it that range.

With the aircraft securely provided to Mr. Hanzawa, George’s Aviation had the ability to eliminate the short-lived gas container, re-install the back seats as well as have the airplane on the trip line within 24 hrs of arrival.

Since’s a satisfied finishing to a lengthy cross-country.


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