The Thinking Pilot’s Flight Manual: Or, How to Survive Flying Little Airplanes and Have a Ball Doing It

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41XLma3u3SL - The Thinking Pilot's Flight Manual: Or, How to Survive Flying Little Airplanes and Have a Ball Doing It

In an intriguing and in some cases debatable design, this guide starts where standard-issue trip training handbooks end. The Thinking Pilot guides you deeply right into topics that just weren't educated in flight training-everything from the best ways to actually do a preflight, via maintaining your travelers satisfied, scud operating, precautionary landings, as well as ways to make it through an accident. It includes a detailed introduction to flying floats, skis, aerobatics, as well as classic airplanes; probes several of aviation's unclean little tricks, takes off misconceptions, and offers the very best, most succinct guide to flying tailwheel airplanes ever before written. was when referred to as aeronautics's Renaissance Man. He is an Airline Transport-rated pilot with experience in some 200 types of planes, an exercising aeronautics lawyer who has been associated with numerous airplane accident instances, author, air travel publication editor, safety and security counselor, flight trainer, volunteer pilot in remote areas of the United States as well as Central America, and also has actually been the executive supervisor of a not-for-profit preservation company utilizing aircraft as well as volunteer pilots throughout much of North America.

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