This $4.5 Million Dollar House Has An Airplane Built In, Kind Of

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Airplane Home Theater


Even though this place is a few million dollars outside of our price range, we had to share it with you because of its home theater, which is modeled after an airliner (extra points if you know which one and even more if you tell us!), complete with actual airliner seats. The legroom, as you’ll notice, is just a skosh comfier than you’ll find in coach, and the multiple tiers, all the better to see the big screen from, are a welcome mod, as well.

The home is located in Austin, TX, in a neighborhood peopled by the area’s players, and you can see why they’d like it, well, in addition to home theaters modeled after airplanes. And as a side note, it’s perfectly legal to operate seaplanes from Austin’s waterways, well, most of them anyway, and you’ll often see them flying about near the iconic 360 bridge south of town. This activity, by the way, prompted a call to police last year to report a plane going down in the water! Yup.  It did, and it will do it again!

The home is being offered by Jaquelin Freund of Realty Associates. The rest of the home, we should add, is really nice. We’ll take it, but first, can someone lend us around $4 million?

home theater modeled after airplane

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