Tippy: (Tales of Flying Sergeants) Enlisted Fighter Pilots in WWII

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Just how does a backwoods, lowly employed mechanic ended up being a WWll, P-51, ace boxer pilot? I wrote Tippy as a tribute to a Master Gunnery Sergeant that I had the pleasure as well as honor to have actually offered with while in the Marines. I bear in mind as a young Marine moving residence from abroad. I had obtained orders to report to Hams-37, a DC-3 (C-47-military difference) transport armada at El Toro Air Base. I was awaiting my discharge from my enlistment. This is where I satisfied Master Gunnery Sergeant, Charles Walker Tippie. Guy was he a salty old marine. A fair individual, however let's simply say, seasoned. I flew a few times as his auto mechanic, crew principal. Boy, did he have some tales. Some may have been "Fairy Tales," some the "God's Honest Truth." You can never ever inform with the Marines. I was informed beforehand in my Marine profession, there are just 2 types of fairytale told in the Corps; one begins with, "Once upon a time …" the other, "This is no Shite!" Whatever the reality could have been, I wrote "Tippy" as a homage, as I envisioned this Flying Marine Sergeant could have been in WWll. None of my characters in guide exist in reality. They are compounds of the REAL HEROS, the guys that flew right into fight daily! They packed there bodies right into small airplane, then hurled themselves throughout the skies, to shield America. Let me just tell you here and now. Battle sucks! It's better to "Pass the bread, than the Ammo!" Yet, my lord, you have reached hand it to these spirits! This is a personal "Thank-You" to these take on individuals! INFORMATION HEADLINE – 1942 Enlisted Men Become Fighter Pilots! (Eleven come to be Generals) Only Officers that were commissioned were expected to be Pilots. However regardless of some discrimination from a few officers, over 2,575 employed males are formally, "In guides!" as pilots. These guys flew under the banner of "Sergeant Pilots." Chuck Yeager, Carroll Shelby, and Walter Beech all began as gotten guys. These heroes are now lovingly referred to as, "Flying Peons." Authors' Note: I in fact had the honor, to offer in the Marines, for a short time, on a tail dragging, DC-3 style aircraft as a team principal for the genuine gotten pilot, Charles W. Tippie (Distinguished Flying Cross!) from El Toro Marine Base. This book, although imaginary, is dedicated to "All" the actual men and women who offered, that stood up, either in or from Military solution. "Thank-You for your service," just does not appear to share what's truly in our hearts! Yet, it's a start! So, Semper Fidelis to every one of you! (Former; USMC Staff Sergeant) Last Note: Lets' keep alive the histories of these employed Sergeant Pilots, who offered bravely in between 1912 and 1945. This is the imaginary story of simply a few of those unhonored heroes. One particularly, Tippy! ORDER YOUR BOOK TODAY!

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