Traveling Photos: The Textures Series

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May 5, 2022

I ALWAYS take the very same image. Or the very same design of photo. There’s a style, for absence of a much better term, that I’m attracted to. Generally it’s a door or a wall surface or various other level surface area, the weatherbeaten components of which are comparable: sun-cracked paint, peeling off art work, collapsing plaster or fissured stucco.

I call these my “appearance” photos, though it’s not that basic. It’s a mix of points: patterns, structures, shades, illumination– with a specific something that draws all of it with each other. To put it simply, there requires to be visual quality to the shot. Regarding that make the cut and also which do not, there’s no official requirements. In words of Potter Stewart, I recognize it when I see it.

They’re traveling pictures by default, and also I’ll proceed as well as classify the areas. Contextually they do not claim a lot. A lot of them might be anywhere. Many concentrate on a solitary surface area, however a couple of, as you’ll see, such as number 20, are much more made complex.

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1. Blue home window. Accra, Ghana.

2. Residues. Kandy, Sri Lanka. 3. Shutters. St. Louis, Senegal. 4. Eco-friendly door. Lisbon, Portugal. 5. Norwegian timber. Oslo,


6. Brown. Large Sur, California.

7. Splinter. Doorperson Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 8. Checkerboard. Kyoto, Japan. 9.

Planet Tones. Dubrovnik, Croatia. 10. Wall surface as well as Shutters. Cairo, Egypt.

11. Brown. Accra, Ghana.

12. Rocks and also Moss. Boston Harbor. 13. Bud Light. Massachusetts Avenue

, Cambridge. 14. Vive al Paro. Santa Marta, Colombia. 15. Post no Bills. Church Hill, North Carolina.

16. Exteriors. Porto, Portugal. 17. Deicing Fluid.

Boeing 757, New York City. 18. French Quarter

1. New Orleans. The clean of the shades make this picture show up fuzzy. It’s really in typical emphasis. 19. French Quarter 2. New Orleans. 20. Norwegian Blue. Tromso, Norway. 21.

Fertility Art. Near Paro, Bhutan. 22. Cotraco. Valetta, Malta. 23. Shop, Ponta Delgada. Sao Miguel island, Azores.

24. Alewife 1: Blisters. Alewife T terminal, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

25. Alewife 2: Silver. Alewife T terminal, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 26. Corrugated Wall. Dakar, Senegal. 27. Child as well as Doorway. Near Monrovia, Liberia. This is the only image of the collection including an individual.

28. Granary Door. Noratus, Armenia.


Taps as well as Feet. Kowloon, Hong Kong. 30. Entrance as well as Thatch. Ada, Ghana.< img loading="careless" course="aligncenter size-large wp-image-16884" src=

“” alt size =”520″elevation=”350″ > I do not choose these shots; if one shows up, I take it. They essentially take place by themselves. If you’re questioning improvement, a few of the images have actually been chopped, as well as sometimes the darkness and also shade saturation have actually been dabbled with. Just somewhat, to reproduce what I saw with the nude eye. “No overdubs or amusing things,” to price quote the lining keeps in mind from Zen Arcade.

My fave of the collection is number 26, revealing the paint-dappled wall surface of a little store near the U.S. consular office in Dakar. It was absorbed August, 2021, as I was strolling to a dining establishment with 2 of my coworkers. The canvas, if you will, is the side of an old delivery container. I bear in mind passing this place, after that backtracking to understand, informing my pals I would certainly overtake them soon.

My 2nd fave is number 14, the shot of the myriad posters in Santa Marta, Colombia. Think it or otherwise this photo was taken in the evening, with a streetlight supplying the lighting.

I’m likewise keen on number 25, revealing the silver-painted concrete inside the Alewife metro terminal in Cambridge, in addition to number 30, last photo in the collection, of the entrance in Ada, a waterside town in Ghana, concerning 2 hrs eastern of Accra.

Even more of my traveling images can be checked out HERE.

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