Ukrainian Mi-24 Gunships Slipped Across The Border With Russia To Carry Out Attack On A Fuel Depot

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Ukrainian Mi-24

Two screenshots from the Ukrainian Mi-24 pre-dawn raid on Apr. 1, 2022. An outstanding raid was executed by the Ukrainian Mi-24 Hind strike helicopters on an oil center in Belgorod, Russia. According to records emerging early Apr. 1, 2022, at the very least 2 Ukrainian Mi-24 gunship helicopters crept inside the Russian airspace to perform a morning assault on an oil storage space center in Belgorod, situated around 25 miles north of the boundary and also 50 miles from Kharkiv. If validated, the raid would certainly stand for a substantial success for the Ukrainian pressures: it would certainly influence Russia’s gas supplies near to Kharkiv, under siege because the start of the intrusion, yet likewise have a mental result on the Kremlin, obtaining progressively discouraged by the problems in their “unique armed forces procedure”.

The video clips published on social media sites promote themselves.

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