Video, Photos Emerge of Airliner that Flew Through Hailstorm

Screen Shot 2022 11 03 at 10.24.07 AM

Video has emerged over the last couple of days showing the damage to a LATAM Airbus A320 after it flew through hail, either in or right next to a severe thunderstorm—in this case, near a thunderstorm and inside one can both be devastating. Suffice it to say that it’s a testament to the pilots who stumbled into the storm that they were able to get the plane to a safe landing, without the radar dome, as you can see, which got demolished by what must have been large hail.

The flight had originated in Santiago, Chile, and was on its way to Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, when it diverted because of weather to an airport in Brazil. After taking off again, it encountered the severe weather. There are conflicting reports on injuries, with some stories reporting that several passengers were seriously injured, while the airline said in a statement that no one was hurt.

The plane itself suffered heavy damage, with the hail nearly shattering both windshields, making it nearly impossible for the pilots to see ahead. They eventually managed to make a successful emergency landing in Asunción. Authorities are investigating the incident.

From thunderstorms to icy clouds, the weather presents numerous hazards to small planes. Read up on Weather Hazards here.


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