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In this video, John and Martha King discuss how you can become a . Their proven training method is guaranteed to help students pass their FAA tests. While John and Martha make learning to fly fun, they also provide you with the knowledge to help make you a smart, safe pilot.

Using the King Schools Private Pilot Get It All Kit will help you save money on your overall flight training by being prepared before you step into the cockpit with your flight Instructor. This kit includes the Private Pilot Ground School and Written Test Prep course, the Private Pilot Checkride (oral and flight test) course and a number of single subject pilot skill courses. You'll ace all your FAA tests with this kit.To order your King Schools Private Pilot Get It All Kit – click here

Nearly 1 Out of 2 pilots learn with King Schools.

For over 35 years, King Schools has helped pilots achieve their training goals. Pilots have responded enthusiastically to our customer-focused approach to creating products that make learning to fly smart, safe & fun.

For the complete King Schools' selection of courses, please visit our website at

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