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Watch Argentine Presidential B757 Pull Off A Low Level Stunt On Arrival At Buenos Aires

Argentine B757
The new Presidential B757 during its low level turn (Image credit: The Aviationist using screengraps from @PlanesSpotterAr)

The Argentine “Air Force One” made a crazy low level pass over Buenos Aires airport.

Late in the afternoon on May 25, 2023, Argentine took delivery of its new Boeing 757-200 in VVIP configuration. The aircraft, sporting a patriotic livery that recalls the Argentine flag, took off from Miami, U.S., and arrived in Argentine capital Buenos Aires, as ARG-01 (“Argentina 01”). Before it landed at Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery the aircraft made a low pass over the airport.

But as shown in several videos posted online, the new Argentine Air Force One performed a low pass that was probably much lower than one might expect, especially considering the weather in the area, that saw low ceiling, rain and a thunderstorm.

As you can see in the clips shot from different points of view, the aircraft levelled off a few meters above runway 13 and then made a steep turn, slowly climbing to the west of the field. It then circled back and returned for a full stop landing on runway 31.

The low pass of the new Boeing 757 of the Argentine Air Force has generated mixed reactions. On one side, aviation enthusiasts were thrilled by the performance; on the other side, many have firmly criticised the stunt. Argentine combat pilots are used to fly ultra low level,  especially aboard tactical fast jets but, in this case the maneuver seems to be a bit too “aggressive”, considered the altitude, the weather conditions and, above all, the size of the aircraft. Some have also pointed out that the aircrews pulled off their “display” at the end of a long ferry flight from the U.S., and fatigue might have been a factor too.

In must also be said that flying ultra low level over the Aeroparque in Buenos Aires is not something new. On Dec. 12, 2007, for the 100 años de la aviación civil argentina (100 years of Argentine Civil Aviation), a Boeing 737-500 “LV-BEO” belonging to the Aerolineas Argentinas performed a really low flyby escorted by an IA-63 Pampa jet trainer and a Learjet. At least, that time, the weather was fine..

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