When Tigers Ruled the Sky: The Flying Tigers: American Outlaw Pilots over China in World War II

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5151h4nr9eL - When Tigers Ruled the Sky: The Flying Tigers: American Outlaw Pilots over China in World War II

From the acclaimed author of Hit the Target as well as Huge Week, a thorough account of the famous The second world war battle team, the Traveling Tigers.

In 1940, Pearl Harbor had not yet taken place, and also America was not yet at war with Japan. Yet had actually been trying to fend off Japanese aggression for three years– as well as was desperate for aircraft as well as qualified combat pilots.

General Chiang Kai-shek sent armed forces air travel advisor Claire Chennault to Washington, where President Roosevelt was sympathetic, yet knew he might not intervene overtly. Rather, he silently helped Chennault put together a group of American volunteer pilots.

This was just how the 1st American Volunteer Group– more typically called the Flying Tigers– was birthed.

With the trademark grinning shark jaws on their P-40 competitors, these Army, Navy as well as Marine pilots came to be a feeling as they fought for the Chinese. Those who initially doubted them were ultimately in awe as they persisted over Rangoon despite being exceeded 14-1 by Japanese airplane; as they were described by Madame Chiang Kai-shek as her "babies" and also by a Chinese foreign preacher as "the soundest investment ever made"; and also as they eventually ruined thousands of Japanese aircrafts while shedding just a lots of their own in combat. 2 of their experts would later gain the Medal of Honor– and en masse, the Flying Tigers managed to acquire a much better document compared to any other air fly the Pacific movie theater. When Tigers Ruled the Sky is a thrilling and also triumphant account of their courage and also their tradition.

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