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You want to learn how to fly but what exactly does it take to become a private pilot? In this video clip, John and Martha King explain what tests you need to pass and how you can guarantee that you get your Private Pilot Certificate (aka Private Pilot License). King Schools Private Pilot Get It All Kit can help you achieve this goal.

is one of the most rewarding things you can do. King Schools' pilot courses take complex material and make it clear, simple and fun! But more than just passing your FAA exam, you will gain a true understanding of flight and flying.

The King Schools Private Pilot Get it All Kit contains everything you need to pass both your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge (Written) and Practical (Checkride) Tests. Plus, you'll save on your overall by being prepared before you step into the cockpit. To order your kit, click here

You will breeze through your written test with ease and ace both your oral and flight test. Your FAA Examiner will surely be impressed. But more important, you'll gain the knowledge you need to identify and manage the risks of flight — in short, you'll be ready to be Pilot-In-Command.

King Schools' clear, simple and fun presentation means you get the big picture you need to be the true master of your flight. You'll have the practical tools to really use your license.

KING courses offer features you won't get anywhere else!

For the complete King Schools' selection of courses, please visit our website at

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