You Will Not Believe This Isn’t Jet Noise!

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A few of us here at Plane & Pilot grew up around tactical (read: fighter jets) air bases, and the bumper stickers that read “Jet Noise: The Sound of Freedom,” were on every other car. After a while the noise becomes part of the landscape, and you only notice it when somebody flies low overhead, rare, but it happened, or accidentally makes a boom, which also happens.

In this case, there was little risk of the offending “aircraft” exceeding the speed of sound or creating the accompanying sonic boom. But the rest of it is unbelievably realistic. And while we’re certain that the laminated table top is a required element, we’re not sure just how important the design of the bottle is, but we’re guessing “very.” Even so, if you try to recreate this, experiment freely, and remember that there’s no need for a type rating or G-suit, though a pair of pilot Randolph Aviators would add a nice touch.

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