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Your Flying World 2022 Photo Contest Ending Soon!

One of the coolest photo contests in all of aviation is Plane & Pilot’s Your Flying World Photo Contest, which for the past three years running has showcased the talents of our readers in spectacular fashion. Last year’s winner was a dawn patrol shot of the North American P-51D Mustang flying low and fast over the saguaros of the Arizona Sonoran Desert with its magnificent 360-degree yellow-tipped prop arc.

Photo by Richard King

Winning photos in the past haven’t taken extensive photo shoots to make the magic happen. Our first contest winner, Jon Hicks, simply pointed his camera over the nose of his small plane to capture a photo he called “Fiery Sunrise Over Texas.” If you’ve got photos of airplanes—and what pilot doesn’t!—then now is the time to enter this year’s Your Flying World photo contest. Winners will be announced early next year, but if you’re wondering just how wonderful the prizes are, just check them out here! Hope to see your photos soon, and good luck!

“Fiery Sunrise Over Texas,” by Jon Hicks, the grand prize winner of the 2019 Your Flying World Contest

For more details, including deadlines and helpful photo tips from the air, visit the Your Flying World contest page.

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