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ode to the 757
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Ode to the 757.

September 13, 2022 WHAT BOEING NEEDS to develop isn’t an expensive brand-new long-range widebody. What it requires to develop is a substitute for the 757. When it debuted in the very early 1980s, the twin-engined 757 led its time, and also it took place to market fairly well up until the assembly line shut fifteen …

switched off
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Turned off

April 14, 2022 I’M SUPPOSED to see the much talked-about docudrama, “Downfall,” concerning Boeing and also the 737 MAX farce, and also record back to you with my ideas. The program maintains appearing in my Netflix stream. I finish up enjoying “Better Call Saul” rather. As a basic regulation I avoid aviation-related programs. Certainly they’re …

How to Become a Pilot

797. The Plane That Never Was.

April 2, 2020 ANOTHER casualty of coronavirus, almost surely, will be the Boeing 797. The 797, also known as the “new midsize aircraft” (NMA), is an idea Boeing has been kicking around for twenty years. In terms of size, range and capacity, it would fit between the 737 and the 787. A replacement, in other …