Co-Pilot Who Exited Cargo Plane Intentionally Jumped

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Co-Pilot Who Exited Cargo Plane Intentionally Jumped
Co Pilot Jumps Out of Plane
A CASA C-212 Aerocar comparable to the one associated with the mishap. Image by John Wheatly The NTSB has actually provided the initial record on the conditions that bordered

the inflight emergency situation of a CASA 212 airplane with the co-pilot (second-in-command, SIC,)that leapt out of the reduced back ramp of the plane while in trip on July 29. Consequently, the body of co-pilot Charles Hew Crooks was located dead roughly 30 miles southern of the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in Fuqua-Varina North Carolina evidently from a willful separation from the airplane. Based upon NTSB meetings with the openly unknown enduring pilot, Crooks was the

Charles Crooks
pilot flying that tried what resorted to be an unsuccessful touchdown at Raeford West Airport( NR20 ), which caused an unchecked quick descent creating the

airplane to land difficult on the path. Despite the fact that both pilots asked for a”walk around” before ground call, their activities were far too late to stop harming the ideal primary touchdown equipment, with the equipment leaving the airplane while climbing up out from the unsuccessful technique. As soon as they were in a favorable price of climb at 400 feet, the PIC returned to control of the airplane. Considering that the touchdown equipment on the CASA 212 can not be aesthetically checked from the cabin, the pilot in command carried out a reduced overlook the airport terminal to make sure that ground workers can aesthetically verify the problem of the touchdown equipment. The pilot was alerted that the busted touchdown equipment was located on the path. With verification of the harmed touchdown equipment, the PIC decided to have SIC Crooks proclaim an emergency situation

with a demand to draw away to Raleigh Durham International Airport. According to the PIC, there were no signs then that anything was uncommon in the habits of Crooks. The pilot that leapt or dropped to his fatality, Charles Crooks, from his LinkedIn web page. With ATC validating regular elements of the emergency situation, consisting of spirits aboard, among the pilots verified that there were 2 aboard, with about 4 hrs of gas continuing to be. Throughout the examination meetings, the PIC mentioned that regarding 20 mins after the tough touchdown, the SIC began to reveal indications of being mad with the scenario. He appeared to be much more distressed after the PIC performed the technique as well as emergency situation rundowns, pending their prepared emergency situation touchdown at Raleigh Durham. Added details created

throughout the NTSB

meeting with the PIC suggested that he believed Crooks opened up the side cabin home window as well as” might have gotten ill”. At that factor the PIC took over control of the radio interactions. SIC Crooks made a declaration to the PIC that basically claimed he was mosting likely to be ill and also required fresh air. He continued then to decrease the ramp at the

back of the airplane. According to the NTSB record it mentions that the SIC”rose from his seat, eliminated his headset, asked forgiveness, as well as left the aircraft through the aft ramp door.”Promotion The PIC mentioned that he transformed the aircraft to the right to look for the SIC. He after that alerted ATC that his co-pilot had actually left the aircraft without a parachute. Consequently the PIC continued on training course to Raleigh Durham where he got as well as asked for consent to perform a reduced strategy to validate the problem of his touchdown equipment by employees on the ground. The PIC made an emergency situation touchdown with the airplane coming to relax upright on the ideal side of the path. It was reported that the PIC endured small injuries as an outcome of the emergency situation touchdown.

As holds true in a lot of NTSB examinations, several NTSB professional detectives, consisting of those concentrating on human efficiency, will certainly take a look at numerous elements of the trip, most likely focusing on Crooks’ actions as well as psychological skill in the days leading up to the crash. They will certainly likewise likely focus on what established throughout the messed up touchdown method at Raeford West Airport, which was the forerunner as well as could have been the first web link to the crash series leading to the self-destruction fatality of co-pilot Crooks.

Airplane & & Pilot will certainly remain to check growths on this tale as they unravel.


Red Arrows In Trouble As Team Faces A Pilot Shortage

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Red Arrows In Trouble As Team Faces A Pilot Shortage
Red Arrows

File image of the Red Arrows in trip.(Photo: Royal Air Force)RAF is exploring cases of poisonous society and also transgression amongst the staff member. The Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force’s aerobatic group, shed 2 pilots this year, with one being sacked after a claimed event and also one more having actually surrendered over the group’s”harmful society”. Participants of the group, according to The Sun, are claimed to

“despise each various other” in what is taken into consideration the most awful spirits situation considering that the Red Arrows were produced in 1964. Due to the continuous dramatization, the Red Arrows this year are flying with a seven-ship development, rather than the common 9 airplane. This additionally indicates that several maneuvers for the total development needed to be terminated from this year trip display screens. Meantime, substitutes for both pilots that left the group are being educated and also ought to await the 2023 airshow period.

Resources additionally state that, in order to provide a complete nine-ship development for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee flypast, the Red Arrows needed to prepare undefined emergency situation gets. According to The Telegraph, the gets were picked amongst the group’s manager Red 10, the commander as well as the second-in-command exec policeman. While they do not undertake the exact same training of the 9 screen pilots, they are qualified of signing up with the rankings of the development to do flypasts.

Allow’s see what occurred with the pilots. According to the records, while the Red Arrows remained in the center of their pre-season training in Croatia as well as Greece in April, Red 3, Squadron Leader Nick Critchell, faced the group leader Red 1, Squadron Leader Tom Bould, concerning the “hazardous society” throughout these training implementations. Sqn Ldr Critchell is claimed to have actually surrendered in disgust, while the RAF formally claimed he left “for individual factors to start a various profession chance”.

Simply a couple of days later on, Flight Lieutenant Will Cambridge was put on hold after one more pilot whined concerning a claimed event with a women coworker, which some resources state was a younger student pilot. An examination was apparently introduced to validate whether the reported event was actual as well as if the pilot’s conduct damaged the guidelines.

It is feasible that Flt Lt Cambridge coincided pilot that was sent out house in May while the Red Arrows remained in Greece. At the time, papers rapidly reported that the pilot was sent out house to be explored concerning being intoxicated and also for “believed improper actions”, while a RAF agent stated that he “has actually been briefly taken out and also has actually gone back to the UK for individual factors”.

File image of the Red Arrows in the complete nine-ship development.(Photo: Royal Air Force)A RAF representative launched a declaration to The Telegraph:”The RAF has a zero-tolerance technique to inappropriate behavior, as well as claims will certainly be extensively examined to make certain the highest possible criteria are promoted. We will certainly not be commenting better on the specific situations of these relocations, which have actually been made without bias as well as are an outcome of both specialist as well as individual factors. We will certainly nevertheless do something about it any place misbehavior is shown.”One more pilot left the group in January, when Red 8, Flt Lt Damon Green, left the Red Arrows for individual and also household factors, according to the declaration. Due to this, in order to keep the nine-ship development, Sqn Ldr Jon Bond needed to return for the 2022 display screen period and also fill up the area of Flt Lt Green,

after finishing his 4 years with the Red Arrows simply couple of months previously. Regardless of all that dramatization, the RAF validated that just 2 pilots transferred to various other duties, far from the Red Arrows, for individual factors. In fact, none of the pilots we stated are reported as component of the group on the RAF internet site, consisting of Flt Lt Cambridge which was just thought about put on hold as well as not out of the group. A previous pilot was additionally pointed out by the Daily Mail revealing his ideas concerning the scenario:”This is a calamity for the RAF. The Red Arrows are their public face and also the general public love them, yet they have no concept what is taking place behind the scenes. There is something truly rotten in this group. It needs to be the emphasize of pilots’ jobs to fly for the Red Arrows however they have actually shed 3 this year.

The power structure needs to ask itself why? There are great individuals there that are attempting to repair it however it is a miserable location.” About Stefano D’Urso Stefano D’Urso is an independent reporter as well as factor to TheAviationist based in Lecce, Italy. A grad in Industral Engineering he’s additionally researching to accomplish a Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering. Digital Warfare, Loitering Munitions and also

OSINT strategies put on the globe

of existing disputes and also armed forces procedures are amongst his locations of knowledge.

All over the world in the “7 oh 7”

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All over the world in the "7 oh 7"

One of the very first huge, lengthy array, global jet airplanes to find on the scene in the very early 60s as well as late 1950s was the Boeing 707. For TWA’s many elderly pilots, relocating from pistons to jets was the greatest change because the adjustment from aesthetic to tool flying in the 1930s. Numerous of our older captains chose to bypass the jets as well as complete their occupations flying the Connie. The more youthful others, on the various other hand, can rarely wait to delve into a jet!But for most of us much less seasoned young dollars the change was hard either, as there were lots of distinctions and also absolutely brand-new ideas: drive vs. horse power as well as shared as “EPRs” (Engine Pressure Ratio), making RPM as well as MAP outdated; countless extra pounds vs. thousands of gallons of gas; high elevation weather forecasting as well as Mach buffet vs. delay buffet; looters vs. ailerons; split looters to regulate lend a hand the occasion of an obstructed stabilizer; Dutch roll, high elevation weather forecasting as well as physiology, and also much more.

When it involved flying the jets the very first point we found out was that jets do not react to power adjustments like prop aircrafts. they will just rise or down if you direct them up or down, and after that they will certainly– at worrying prices of climb as well as descent! All of a sudden whatever occurred much quicker than it utilized to.

Water wagon 707

The very early”water wagons”were underpowered. Our initial 707 was the Boeing 707-131(707 is the standard design classification, -1 is the initial variant as well as the following 2 numbers are the consumer code, in TWA’s situation, 31). The initial were the”water wagons. “The Pratt & Whitney JT-3 straight pipeline engines were infused with water, improving engine drive for launch from 11,600 to 12,400 pounds. per engine. When re-engined with greater drive, cleaner, as well as quieter follower engines, they ended up being B-707-131Bs. They felt like rockets at battle training weights (reduced gas tons as well as no haul)– virtually unrestrainable, it appeared! The majority of training was still carried out in the aircraft as simulators had actually not yet progressed a lot past treatments instructors.

I had actually looked into as captain on the DC-9 in 1968 and also a brief time later finished to the Convair 880 in 1969. By May of 1971 I had more than 1000 hrs of captain time in the 880. The power situation as well as economic crisis struck us in the 1970s. I was displaced (twice) from the left seat as a result of lowerings so I bid initial policeman on the 707 global out of JFK. I was ranked on the airplane as it was firm plan that all worldwide F/Os be type-rated on the tools flown, yet I never ever flew it as captain.

The very first point I picked up from travelling to New York from Chicago was that it is the excellent method to actually mess up the most effective task worldwide. I likewise learnt that there are 4, not 3, “a lot of worthless points in air travel.” Along with, “the path behind you, the elevation over you, and also the gas in the vehicle” there is: the four-stripe co-pilot, so I was informed.

At the time, the elderly 707 journey was the around-the-world trip: eleven days westbound, or 10 days eastbound. One journey deserved concerning 10% greater than a complete month so after flying one journey a month for 10 months (and also with your one-month trip) you were provided for the year! Seem like a desire? They were awesomes. I flew just 3, one westbound and also 2 eastbound. When I obtained house, I was a basket instance, obtaining up and also going to bed in any way hrs of the night and day as well as crabby the majority of the moment. When I informed my spouse, Sharon, that I had not been mosting likely to fly them any longer, she relapsed with happiness, as well as claimed, “Oh, great– you’re simply dreadful when you get back from that journey.”

My very first around-the-world journey was the westbound. It started by squandering half a day reaching New York. After a fast snooze (with any luck), I flew east all evening to London (LHR) with a stopover. The following leg was the polar trip west from London to Los Angeles (LAX). On a great day this was most intriguing, with spectacular sights of the icy polar wild. On the polar course, all instructions hold true, not magnetic. We would certainly establish our “polar course” compasses from toiled (magnetic) to the gyro setting. Also minority VORs up there are oriented to real north.

TWA 707

Flying all over the world in a 707 was not a very easy work. It was LAX to Honolulu(HNL)as well as HNL to Guam(GUM). Guam is an intriguing” South Seas Paradise.” It was a preferred honeymoon location for Japanese couples. I had a good time taking images of pairs taking images of each various other. I additionally enjoyed checking out the remains of the Japanese concrete tablet box shelters along the coastline. The water is so clear, they claim it supplies several of the most effective diving worldwide.

Next it was GUM to Hong Kong (HKG), where the teams got a lot responsibility cost-free things you would certainly question exactly how the aircraft ever before took off. HKG to Bombay (BOM, currently Mumbai); BOM to Tel Aviv (TLV); TLV to Rome Fiumicino (FCO); FCO to JFK; after that stand-by for a space-available seat on a Chicago bound trip residence.

At each quit the previous day’s staff would certainly take control of for the following leg, however the usual 707 would certainly keep a trucking with bit greater than liquids servicing as well as a periodic tire/wheel adjustment. What a workhorse!

Okay, so what concerning flying the 7 oh? In brief, RELIABLE. It was not a desire to fly like the Convair 880 and also not as quite, I assume. The 7 oh really felt really “Mack truckish.” Obviously, we went to almost optimal gross weight on practically every separation, so it was rarely a rocket– we cleaned off a great deal of roofing tops on our escape of community.

Jeff was birthed and also increased in Madison, Wisconsin. He was”nuts regarding aircrafts”prior to he ended up elementary school-as well as never ever overcame it! He was a lot more curious about flying than education as well as took place to obtain his rankings as well as construct time trip advising. He was very privileged to have actually” gone through the best door on the ideal day”and also obtain employed as a pilot by TWA in 1964 at age 22 as well as 700 humans resources. overall time. Jeff flew the Connie, DC-9, CV-880, B-747, l-1011 and also b-707 retiring in 1997.
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Remarkable Video: Echoes of Kobe Bryant Disaster In Panama Helicopter Crash

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Remarkable Video: Echoes of Kobe Bryant Disaster In Panama Helicopter Crash

It’s difficult not to attract parallels in between the collision of a Panamanian helicopter right into the forest in inadequate aesthetic problems keeping that of the helicopter lugging Kobe Bryant as well as 8 others that collapsed in the hills of Southern California in January 2020.

The largest distinction is that in this situation, there were no casualties. In the California accident, retired basketball super star Kobe Bryant, his teen child Gianna, as well as 7 others consisting of the pilot, died when the Sikorsky S76B they were flying in flew right into tool problems, went out of control as well as collapsed unsurvivably at broadband right into surface listed below.

In this situation, everybody made it through, albeit with countless significant injuries. An independent prospect for the Panamanian 2024 political elections, Dimitri Flores, was just one of 6 guests that endured a helicopter accident touchdown in the unwelcoming surface as well as thick greenery of the Panama forest, and also the pilot’s activities are under the microscopic lense as various other pilots enjoyed the video clip, which reveals the pilot proceeding minimal VFR over a ridge, whereupon all aesthetic recommendation in advance appears to be shed in cloud.

Probably one of the most outstanding component is that the whole collision series was recorded on video clip, which you need to attend think below.

As a lot of helicopter pilots will certainly inform you, in a practically bragging style, helicopters are naturally unpredictable. That’s what makes them so manoeuvrable. It’s additionally why most helicopter pilots will certainly do anything they can to stay clear of VFR-into-IFR problems. When aesthetic recommendations are shed, the pilot is required to change to zipping tools, which is tough sufficient. In this instance, the helicopter was basically flying with the surface at or over the airplane’s elevation, a truth that ratchets up danger immensely.


According to Mr. Flores, the very first to determine the accident website were citizens as opposed to the Panama National Aeronaval Service, as well as also afterwards, it took greater than 3 hrs by foot for the Panamanian initial -responders to get to the targets of the accident also after helicopters flew over the collision website several times.

With no deaths and also an end result that might have been a lot even worse, it’s a finishing that everybody onboard is most likely really happy for.


See C-5A Galaxy’s Wing Vortices Tests At NASA Langley Research Center in 1970s

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See C-5A Galaxy's Wing Vortices Tests At NASA Langley Research Center in 1970s
wingtip vortices
< img src=" "alt="wingtip vortices "title ="wing vortices NASA

Langley” > A screenshot of the NASA video clip revealing a C-5A associated with the wingtip vortices examination. This video clip demonstrates how NASA researched wingtip vortices making use of a C-5A Galaxy concerning 50 years back. They dissipate at a specific range from the wing, wingtip vortices, that type due to the fact that of the distinction in stress in between the top and also reduced surface areas of a wing, create added downwash behind the wing and also create the major part of wake disturbance. When the air leaves the routing side of the wing, the jet stream from the top surface area is inclined to that from the reduced surface area, as well as helical courses, or vortices, result. The vortex is greatest at the suggestions as well as lowering quickly to no nearing midspan: at a brief range from the tracking side downstream, the vortices roll up and also integrate right into 2 unique round vortices that make up the “idea vortices.” Noteworthy, in spite of the name, they are developed by the entire wing and also shed at the pointer.

The higher the dimension of the airplane and also its wing, the extra extreme the wake disturbance it creates. This disturbance can be so serious to make an airplane flying neighboring or in the course of a bigger one, collision.

Wake disturbance triggered among one of the most unfortunate and also spectacular crashes in armed forces air travel on June 8, 1966 over Barstow, California near Edwards Air Force Base when the NASA F-104N Starfighter zipped examination pilot Joe Walker rammed an Air Force XB-70 model. Wake vortices dilating the XB-70’s wingtip created Walker’s F-104N to roll, hitting the appropriate wingtip of the massive XB-70 and also disintegrating. The occurrence added to the death of the enthusiastic XB-70 program.

For security factors, there is a variety of splitting up requirements for liftoff, touchdown as well as en-route stages of trip based upon Wake disturbance classifications. ATC (Air Traffic Control) firms series airplane landing or leaving respect to these minima as well as airplane making an aesthetic technique are recommended of the pertinent suggested spacing and also are anticipated to keep their very own splitting up.

Back in the 1970s, NASA accomplished wing vortices examination at NASA’s Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, utilizing a C-5A airplane. Fairly brief (simply 29 secs), this video clip reveals just how the examinations utilizing the Galaxy were performed and also gives a clear visualization of the wing vortices.

Generally talking, wake disturbance is a disruption in the environment that develops behind an airplane as it goes through the air. It is made from different elements, one of the most crucial of which are jetwash and also wingtip vortices.

The wingtip vortices(Image credit report: FAA)The idea vortices route back from the wing suggestions and also they tend to roll as well as sink towards each various other downstream of the wing. In 2017, we reported regarding an occurrence brought on by the serious wake disturbance created by an Airbus A380: In an unusual occurrence that happened on Jan. 7, 2017 and also has actually been revealed recently, a Challenger

604 company jet flying at 35,000 feet over the Arabian Sea 630 maritime miles southeast of Muscat, Oman, was turned inverted in midair and also tossed strongly out of hand by a passing Airbus A380 extremely big. The midair wake-turbulence occurrence was so terrible that both jet engines on the Challenger 604 organization jet flamed-out and also left regulated trip, going down 10,000 feet out of hand as well as recouping at just 25,000 feet over the sea. A number of individuals onboard the Challenger 604 were harmed in the occurrence, with one hospitalized according to a record on

H/T to Steve Fortson for the heads-up!

About David Cenciotti David Cenciotti is a reporter based in Rome, Italy. He is the Founder as well as Editor of “The Aviationist”, among the globe’s most well-known as well as check out army air travel blog sites. Given that 1996, he has actually created for significant around the world publications, consisting of Air Forces Monthly, Combat Aircraft, as well as several others, covering aeronautics, protection, battle, market, criminal activity, knowledge as well as cyberwar. He has actually reported from the U.S., Europe, Australia and also Syria, as well as flown a number of battle airplanes with various flying force. He is a previous 2nd Lt. of the Italian Air Force, an exclusive pilot and also a grad in Computer Engineering. He has actually composed 5 publications and also added to a lot more ones.

Is Top Gun: Maverick based upon the Bob Hoover tale?

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Is Top Gun: Maverick based upon the Bob Hoover tale?

10:34 pm: “It was excellent, however the finishing simply had not been credible.”

This was the message I obtained from my roomie after he left the very best summer season smash hit in a long period of time. Like most of us, the summertime of 2022 was invested seeing Top Gun: Maverick. The motion picture has actually ended up being within both greatly preferred and also beyond aeronautics circles. It has actually come to be the 7th greatest earning film of perpetuity. The testimonials have actually been beautiful, however one review I have actually seen is that the finishing was a little as well tacky, astounding, or “Hollywood.”

Hollywood as well as air travel have actually constantly been a little up in arms. The shrieking suit in between Fred Haise and also Jack Swaggert in Apollo 13!.?.!? A -4 G upside down dive in Top Gun!.?.!? Denzel Washington conserving a paralyzed airplane by flying it upside-down in Flight!.

?.!? All of these are totally made, as well as many people anticipated Top Gun: Maverick to have an aspect of that Hollywood absurdity to it. What if the most extraordinary component of the flick was really based on a real tale?


Rooster and Maverick

Is this scene all Hollywood? At the end of Top Gun: Maverick, both Maverick and also his wingman, Rooster, are rejected by the opponent. Incredibly, both Maverick and also Rooster march as well as make it through with the winter months woodland in aggressive nation, slip onto an opponent airbase, take an old F-14 Tomcat and also fly it back to”the watercraft.”Pretty wild,

however as I rested there seeing I could not really feel however aid like I had actually heard this tale prior to … On a chilly February early morning in 1944, the best stick and also tail pilot, Bob Hoover, was piloting his Mark V Spitfire over southerly France when she started to cough. In spite of remaining in the battle royal as ideal he could, Hoover was obliterated by a German Fw 190. Hoover would certainly invest the following 16 months in a German jail camp. One evening throughout a trouble at the camp, Hoover and also 2 various other POWs left. They handled to accumulate a weapon and also some bikes from a pleasant noncombatant as well as biked to a supporting German airbase. At the landing strip, Hoover and also his 2 POWs held a German auto mechanic at gunpoint, advising him to begin the very same kind of aircraft that fired Hoover down 16 months previously. Being a one seat competitor, Hoover took the aircraft (leaving his 2 jail-breakers) as well as essentially flew it like he swiped it back to Allied lines, regardless of not comprehending a word of German.

It really did not struck Hoover up until he was air-borne that flying an adversary aircraft without any method to connect would certainly make him easy marks for his previous wingmen in the Spitfires and also Mustangs protecting the front. As a result of this, Hoover collision landed the aircraft in an area as quickly as he got to the windmills of the Netherlands, as well as was fulfilled by some baffled as well as extremely mad Dutch farmers.

It’s a fish story, informed far better by the male himself in his publication, Forever Flying, and also leaving Top Gun: Maverick I believed there were a great deal of resemblances. After being obliterated, both wind up at bombed/run down army base and also swiping airplanes to attempt to come back house. When flying in an opponent high efficiency airplane, Rooster experiences the exact same quantity of complication Hoover did. Radical humorously parodies the exact same problem of interacting in a taken airplane that at some point created Hoover a lot difficulty he collapse landed.


Bob … Hoover? At initially, I assumed this Bob Hoover link was simply plain coincidence, till I saw the person at. This is a back-seater for among Maverick’s wingmen. His name? Bob Floyd, however unlike all the others with” great “callsigns he merely passes “BOB.”Have a look at those specifications also. Look acquainted? If that had not been sufficient, inspect the last scene of the motion picture … a P-51 mustang doing a snap roll right into a yellow sundown. Old Yeller!.

?.!? So much, no one has actually appeared as well as straight stated the Bob Hoover tale influenced Maverick’s go back to the cinema. Remarkably, the exec manufacturer of the film is a little active recording one more Mission Impossible to be spoken with by a college student to validate this report (when he returns my phone calls, I’ll allow you recognize). If Hoover’s tale is the basis for the end of the Top Gun follow up, it would not stun a great deal of us. Tom Cruise took a lot more energetic duty in the story of this movie than its precursor. Cruise ship is a devoted champ of aeronautics with even more rankings than his plastic can hold. Traveling his individual P-51, it’s not as well improbable to think he’s come across Bob Hoover’s tale.

There are certainly some obvious openings in between Hoover’s experiences in France as well as Maverick’s and also Rooster’s in Hollywood. Tom Cruise as well as Miles Teller really did not invest at any time in an opponent jail as well as Hoover definitely really did not encounter any type of adversary “5th generation” boxers on his method residence. That recognizes? It goes to reveal that occasionally tales in genuine life are simply as essential, outstanding, and also substantial as those produced on the backlots in Burbank; we simply have to go locate them.

What do you assume? Is Top Gun: Maverick‘s tale also comparable to Bob Hoover’s to not be based upon it? Or am I “creating checks my body can not pay?”

Bob Hoover

Michael Brown matured on the financial institutions of the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, TN. He is an exclusive pilot with 280 hrs complete time and also a tool and also seaplane ranking. He originates from a family members of air travel. His grandpa helped Delta Airlines for 37 years as well as his daddy is a pilot. Michael finished from Texas Christian University last May with a dual significant in Business as well as Communications. He is presently a first-year regulation trainee at Tulane University, where he wishes to come to be a transport lawyer. When he is not researching or flying, Michael takes pleasure in cycling as well as applauding on his Atlanta Braves.
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Real Thaw 2022: The Portuguese Multi-Domain Exercise

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Real Thaw 2022: The Portuguese Multi-Domain Exercise
Real Thaw 22
The take-off of 2 Portuguese F-16AMs each with the tail paint referring to the squadron to which they belong, 201st Falcões and 301st Jaguares. (All images: Author)

Let’s focus on Real Thaw 2022, a large scale multi-domain exercise led by the Portuguese Air Force.

Real Thaw is an annual military exercise, organized, planned, and executed by the Portuguese Air Force to train and prepare its operational units to carry out missions in the framework of international cooperation at NATO and European Union level.

Coordinated from Air Base 11 in Beja, between June 26 and July 8, 2022, the activities were mostly carried out in central Portugal.

<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80356" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"8","credit":"","camera":"Canon EOS 7D","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1657026503","copyright":"","focal_length":"105","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.0005","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_4" data-image-description data-image-caption="

Front line where the Portuguese Air Force F-16AM/BM fighters were parked from 201st and 301st Squadron.

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” class=”size-large wp-image-80356″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

Front line where the Portuguese Air Force F-16AM/BM fighters from 201st and 301st Squadron were parked.


The main goals of Real Thaw 2022 were to provide training to the tactical level forces with the participants focusing on the execution phase, considering the training objectives, constrains and restrictions inherent in military exercises, a special scenario was developed for the drills to meet the following requirements:

  • Provide an operating environment as realistic as possible and typical of current operations in which Portuguese military may participate.
  • Provide appropriate training to various participants taking into account the different types and assets (air, land and sea) and respective training requirements.
  • Provide interoperability between countries and respective means.
<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80357" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"8","credit":"","camera":"Canon EOS 7D","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1657026534","copyright":"","focal_length":"105","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.000625","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_5" data-image-description data-image-caption="

Tails of the Portuguese F-16s where the special paintings are visible, one of the 201st “Falcões” and two of the 301st “Jaguares”.

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” class=”size-large wp-image-80357″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

Tails of the Portuguese F-16s where the special paintings are visible, one of the 201st “Falcões” and two of the 301st “Jaguares”.


This year’s Real Thaw was the largest ever in terms of personnel and air assets, despite many air forces are contributing to the NATO operations in eastern Europe following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This eleventh edition of RT22, saw the participation of 54 air assets and 900 military personnel and involved all the Portuguese national armed forces, Air Force, Navy and Army and military forces from France, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania, the United States and NATO. This provides further objectives for all participating nations to prepare for international missions in operational scenarios.

Portugal as host nation, participated with a large share of air assets: 10x F-16AM (201st Squadron “Falcões” and 301st Squadron “Jaguares” ); 2x AW-119 Koala ( 552nd Squadron “Zangões”), 1x EH-101 Merlin ( 751st Squadron “Pumas”), 1 C-130H Hercules ( 501st Squadron “Bisontes”), 1 C-295-M Persuader (502nd Squadron “Elefantes”), and 2x P-3C Cup+ Orion (601st Squadron “Lobos”), as well as Navy and Army forces.

<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80367" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"7.1","credit":"Jorge Ruivo","camera":"Canon EOS 5D Mark III","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1656609510","copyright":"","focal_length":"185","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.0004","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_23" data-image-description data-image-caption="

Return of the Rafale with the special painting commemorating the 80th anniversary of the squadron.

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” class=”size-large wp-image-80367″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

Return of the Rafale with the special painting commemorating the 80th anniversary of the squadron.
<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80358" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"16","credit":"","camera":"Canon EOS 7D","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1656592325","copyright":"","focal_length":"105","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.003125","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_2" data-image-description data-image-caption="

Helicopters present at Real Thaw belonging to Squadron 751 “Pumas” (EH-101) and Squadron 552 Zangões (AW-119).

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” class=”size-large wp-image-80358″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

Helicopters present at Real Thaw belonging to Squadron 751 “Pumas” (EH-101) and Squadron 552 Zangões (AW-119).
<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80359" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"16","credit":"","camera":"Canon EOS 7D","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1656593855","copyright":"","focal_length":"62","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.003125","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_3" data-image-description data-image-caption="

Two P-3C Cup+ belonging to Esquadra 601 Lobos that were involved in RT22.

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” class=”size-large wp-image-80359″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

Two P-3C Cup+ belonging to Esquadra 601 Lobos that were involved in RT22.

Belgium participated with 6x F-16AM ( 31st Squadron “Tigers”), France with 5x Rafales (Squadron 2/30 Normandie-Niemen), 1x E-3F AWACS and 1x A-330 MRTT, Spain with 5x EF-2000 Typhoon ( Ala 11, Moron AB ); United States took part with 18 F-16CM (480th Fighter Squadron, 52nd Fighter Wing Spangdahlem AB) and 1x KC-135 Stratotanker and from NATO were present 2x E-3F AWACS. And JTACs (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) from Portugal, Belgium, United States, Netherlands and from Lithuania also participated.

<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80360" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"8","credit":"Jorge Ruivo","camera":"Canon EOS 5D Mark III","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1656584439","copyright":"","focal_length":"430","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.000625","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_9" data-image-description data-image-caption="

The new paint of a fully armed Spangdahlem F-16CJ.

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” class=”size-large wp-image-80360″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

The new paint of a fully armed Spangdahlem F-16CM.
<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80361" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"20","credit":"Jorge Ruivo","camera":"Canon EOS 5D Mark III","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1656582968","copyright":"","focal_length":"600","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.003125","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_7" data-image-description data-image-caption="

Tactical take-off of two Rafales from Squadron 2/30 Normandie-Niemen in RT22.

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” class=”size-large wp-image-80361″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

Tactical take-off of two Rafales from Squadron 2/30 Normandie-Niemen in RT22.
<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80362" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"8","credit":"Jorge Ruivo","camera":"Canon EOS 5D Mark III","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1656599448","copyright":"","focal_length":"600","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.0005","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_13" data-image-description data-image-caption="

Take-off of Belgian Air Force 31 Squadron F-16AM X-Tiger for a training mission in RT22

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” class=”size-large wp-image-80362″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

Take-off of Belgian Air Force 31 Squadron F-16AM X-Tiger for a training mission in RT22
<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80363" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"8","credit":"Jorge Ruivo","camera":"Canon EOS 5D Mark III","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1656605478","copyright":"","focal_length":"279","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.000625","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_19" data-image-description data-image-caption="

Detail of the salute of the Spanish pilot on the returning to the park area.

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” class=”size-large wp-image-80363″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

Detail of the salute of the Spanish pilot on the returning to the park area.

Participating in the ground was a Force Protection Unit and air traffic controllers, while other involved units included the Portuguese army military special OPS team, paratroopers and high-altitude operational jumpers and the Navy Special Actions Detachment, and a large number of militaries from maintenance areas, support, operations, information, audio-visual and public affairs relations all took part.

Main Missions

The missions were essentially air defense, convoy protection in humanitarian missions, close air support to ground forces and special operations, extraction operations of military and civilian elements, cargo and paratroopers drop operations, combat Search and Rescue, medical evacuations, civil – military cooperation, conventional guided and high accuracy ordinance attacks, and conventional attacks on maritime forces.

During this year’s iteration, aerial refueling missions were also carried out to increase the flight time of each aircraft.

<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80364" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"8","credit":"Jorge Ruivo","camera":"Canon EOS 5D Mark III","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1656605331","copyright":"","focal_length":"389","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.0008","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_14" data-image-description data-image-caption="

Taxiing of two Portuguese Air Force F-16AMs.

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” class=”size-large wp-image-80364″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

Taxiing of two Portuguese Air Force F-16AMs.

Numbers of Real Thaw

A total of 436 military missions were carried out on the Real Thaw, the air assets flew around 750 hours, around 15,000 liters of water were distributed, and 16,500 meals were served.

<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80366" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"20","credit":"Jorge Ruivo","camera":"Canon EOS 5D Mark III","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1656599209","copyright":"","focal_length":"150","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.003125","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_11" data-image-description data-image-caption="

Tactical take-off of the C-295M.

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” class=”size-large wp-image-80366″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

Tactical take-off of the C-295M.


Since 2009, the Portuguese Air Command has conducted the Real Thaw exercise series annually. The favorable meteorological conditions make Real Thaw the ideal venue for NATO Allies to develop and hone flexible capabilities for current and future challenges.

Real Thaw is a fundamental exercise for the Portuguese military since it allows the air force to operate jointly within the Army, the Navy and other international forces to develop a better understanding of multi-national and Multi-service military operations. This level of preparations is vital for the successful of any assignment that the Portuguese forces might be called upon to perform and the Real Thaw provide the opportunity for crews to perform, practice and execute complex missions that currently are extremely important in the international area.

<img data-lazy-fallback="1" data-attachment-id="80365" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1200,800" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"7.1","credit":"Jorge Ruivo","camera":"Canon EOS 5D Mark III","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1656608810","copyright":"","focal_length":"600","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.0008","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="RealThaw2022_21" data-image-description data-image-caption="

Arrival of the Portuguese F-16BM with tiger-painted drop tanks.

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” class=”size-large wp-image-80365″ src=”” alt width=”706″ height=”471″ srcset=” 706w, 460w, 128w, 768w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 706px) 100vw, 706px”>

Arrival of the Portuguese F-16BM with tiger-painted drop tanks.

The Author wishes to thank the Public Relations of the Portuguese Air Force for the support provided in the preparation of this story.

About Jorge Ruivo
Jorge Ruivo is a freelance journalist based in Marinha Grande, Portugal. Since 2000, he has contributed with photography works and articles on the topic of Military Aviation published by the Portuguese press. More recently he has started working with various international media outlets publishing articles and photographs in several magazines, including Combat Aircraft and Airforces Monthly. His main areas of interest are the Portuguese Air Force, its flight squadrons, foreign deployments and military exercises.

The 9 Most Beautiful GA Airplanes

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The 9 Most Beautiful GA Airplanes

It’s no secret that we pilots love airplanes, though the reasons why we do are, well, not so much mysterious as wide ranging and, at times, hard to pin down precisely. We love airplanes for what they are, where they can take us, and for reasons that are more related to aesthetics than utility. We feel that airplanes, at least some of them, are beautiful to behold. Part of that is the emotional mystery behind airplanes. They are, after all, doing something that, until 150 years ago, was impossible. So we have a reverence for aircraft that at its root is steeped in wonder.

Not everyone believes that beauty is a mystery. For the past couple of decades, mathematicians have been attempting to quantify what we find beautiful, notably in human faces, by probing the relationship of parts and their arrangement to the whole and trying to arrive at some kind of equation of beauty. Other scientists who are interested in the question of what we find beautiful are teaching computers to learn to replicate the judgments we make in finding things beautiful, so far mostly in photos of nature and people’s faces and not airplanes. At least not yet.

In formulating this list of beautiful general aviation airplanes, we’ve done none of that. Instead, we’ve relied upon the judgment of hundreds of thousands of other pilots, some still flying and some gone west, by naming airplanes to this short list that pilots for decades have been remarking upon in general as beautiful examples of flying machines. These are planes that pilots, when they see one on the ramp or at an airshow, will often stop to gaze at, sometimes for a long while.

In the process, we’ve surely picked a few that hardly anyone would disagree with. You’ll see. At the same time, it’s almost certain that we’ve picked a couple that you might disagree with, perhaps strongly.

To give our audience a voice in the process, we’ve decided to pick only nine of the most beautiful GA planes while giving you the chance to select the tenth. Later this year, we’ll take a poll based on your suggestions and reveal that choice. So, as you read, think about it. What beautiful GA plane did we leave off the list? Let us know simply by emailing us at [email protected].


And as you’ll notice, too, we’ve only selected conventionally certificated GA planes, so you won’t see any P-51s, Constellations or Lancairs here, even if they are sometimes under the GA umbrella. We’ve also stuck to piston-powered planes, so bear that in mind, as well. And we can save all of those other conversations for a later date. Also, so as to make this a living, breathing list of the most beautiful GA planes, we decided to limit the field to airplanes built and produced within the lifespan of people who were alive to remember the era of World War II. Some of those people served in the Armed Forces and many of them later came home to become the pilots who would fuel the rise of general aviation in the United States into the segment that created some of the most beautiful machines ever made.

So, without further ado, we present nine of the 10 most beautiful airplanes in GA history.

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Friday Photo: a Stearman patiently waits

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Friday Photo: a Stearman patiently waits


The sight: A Stearman

discovers well-earned remainder. The pilots: Bob Mills as well as Chris Schaich The aircraft: 1942 Boeing N2S-4 Stearman The goal:

Flying the Stearman from Ohio to Reno, Nevada.

The memory: This was completion of day 7 of a 9-day trip flying cross nation to obtain the aircraft to its brand-new house in May of 2020. We had actually been fighting high winds and also disturbance for 7 hrs by the time we landed at Winslow, AZ (INS). We pressed the large biplane out of the wind as well as right into the garage that the flight terminal FBO offered to us. After closing the doors as well as discharging, I took a min to absorb the sight. The old garage made as well as squeaked that lonesome wail as the wind objected our reprieve from its gusting harassment. This garage has actually meant several years at this famous flight terminal. Developed by noteworthy air travel tales Lindbergh as well as Hughes, the simple Stearman was currently protected in for the evening.

Wish to share your “Friday Photo?” Send your image as well as summary (making use of the style over) to: [e-mail safeguarded].

Chris Schaich is an energetic pilot with over 15,000 humans resources and also 7 kind scores. When not flying for the airline companies he is a warbird pilot as well as instructor/check pilot for the
Commemorative Air Force, Arizona Wing. Because 2011 he has actually competed in the Biplane and also Sport courses at the Reno National Championship Air Races. Latest blog posts by Chris Schaich(see all)

Image of The Week: Air Cam Low and also Slow at Sunrise

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Image of The Week: Air Cam Low and also Slow at Sunrise

This week’s Plane & Pilot Photo of the Week is from Kyle Morgan, that stays in the Golden Isles of Georgia. This stunning shot reveals a Lockwood Air Cam flying reduced by the coastline near Jekyll Island Airport, Georgia. Kyle stated he got the shot,” … throughout an early morning stroll to see the sunup. I saw an aircraft coming my means flying right along the coastline. I had my cam out taking images, and also I think he saw me as you can see him swing in the picture.” Morgan, that is rather brand-new to digital photography, made use of a Nikon D750 to record the photo. His job can be seen on his Instagram web page, @k. morganartistry. Many thanks for sharing this fantastic image, Kyle!