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italian f 35bs perform austere runway exercise in sardinia
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Italian F-35Bs Perform Austere Runway Exercise In Sardinia

Some photos revealing the ascetic path drills at Alghero on Aug. 31, 2022.(All pictures: Alessandro Borsetti/ The Aviationist)Italian Air Force and also Navy F-35B STOVL(Short Take Off Vertical Landing )airplane accomplished a joint expeditionary drill at Alghero Airport. After carrying out numerous expeditionary workouts on the small island of Pantelleria where the regional landing strip …

the italian air force has deployed its two f 35bs to iceland for the first time 23
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

The Italian Air Force Has Deployed Its Two F-35Bs To Iceland For The First Time

Main photo: data image of an Italian Air Force F-35B(Alessandro Fucito ). In packages: F-35s ops in Iceland(ItAF )Along with the 4 F-35As sustaining NATO’s Icelandic Air Policing, the Italian Air Force has actually released its 2 F-35B STOVL(Short Take Off Vertical Landing)airplane for training in Iceland’s cool environment. For the 3rd time in the …

pilot who landed kc 130j in a farmers field after midair collision with f 35 receives distinguished flying cross 6
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Pilot Who Landed KC-130J In A Farmer’s Field After Midair Collision With F-35 Receives Distinguished Flying Cross

Some images that circulated online after the successful crash landing of the USMC KC-130J. The KC-130J pilot was awarded a DFC decoration, “the highest award in flying and the fourth highest award for bravery; awarded for heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight.” On Sept. 29, 2020, at approximately 16.00LT a U.S. Marine …

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U.S. B-1B, F-15s And British F-35 Formed Up Over The UK To Celebrate The 80th Anniversary Of The 8th Air Force

The formation approaching RAF Mildenhall during the flypast to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Eighth Air Force on Feb. 1, 2022. (All images: Stewart Jack) A flypast celebrated the 80th anniversary of the forming of the “Mighty” Eighth Air Force. On Feb. 1, 2022, a B-1B Lancer (#86-0129) with the 28th Bomb Wing from …

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Italian Navy And Air Force’s F-35Bs Carry Out Joint Training On Pantelleria Island

The Italian Navy and Air Force F-35Bs during the exercise at Pantelleria airport. (All images: Matteo Buono) The F-35Bs of the two services continue to operate together as further integration looms. After spending years “fighting” each other to get more F-35Bs, the “honeymoon” (as the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. Luca Goretti …