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darpa completes final hypersonic airbreathing weapon concept test
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

DARPA Completes Final Hypersonic Airbreathing Weapon Concept Test

Artist’s concept of the Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapons Concept (HAWC) vehicle after booster separation. (Image: Lockheed Martin) The data acquired will be used for the More Opportunities HAWC program and other hypersonic technologies. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently announced the successful completion of the final test of the Hypersonic Airbreathing Weapon Concept, accomplishing …

lets talk about the new manned sixth generation fighter renderings
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Let’s Talk About The New Manned Sixth-Generation Fighter Renderings

One of the new renderings of the LMXT tanker, showing a notional 6th-gen fighter taking fuel. (Photo: Lockheed Martin edit: TheAviationist) The notional design for the Next Generation Air Dominance program was shown during a briefing about the LMXT tanker, which the company is proposing for the KC-Y competition. Lockheed Martin released new renderings showing …

Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Government Approves Waiver To Resume F-35 Deliveries After Halt Over Chinese Alloy

An F-35A Lightning II appointed to the 4th Fighter Squadron, Hill Air Force Base, Utah, removes for a Red Flag-Nellis 22-3 objective, July 19, 2022. When a Chinese alloy was discovered in the F-35’s turbomachine pumps,(U.S. Air Force image by Airman 1st Class Makenna Gott)The distributions were stopped. Concerning a month after they were stopped, …

Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

We Got A Spectacular Close Look At The Darkstar Movie Prop That Broke Cover at Edwards AFB

The imaginary Lockheed Skunk Works Darkstar flick prop from”Top Gun: Maverick”is hauled right into its screen area at Edwards AFB for this weekend break’s 2022 Aerospace Valley Open House, Air Show & Stem Expo.(All pictures: Tom Demerly/ The Aviationist)Convincingly Real Darkstar Movie Prop from”Top Gun: Maverick”Will Display with SR-71. It’s a motion picture prop, yet …

Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Below Are The First Images Of Lockheed Darkstar On Display At Edwards AFB

The Darkstar on screen in a garage at Edwards AFB(Image debt: USAF)The”Top Gun: Maverick”Darkstar filmprop is mosting likely to be the emphasize of the Edwards AFB airshow. As currently thoroughly reported, the Darkstar hypersonic examination airplane included in the opening scenes of smash hit”Top Gun: Maverick” motion picture will certainly get on fixed screen at …

report lockheed skunk works darkstar movie prop to be at edwards air show
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Report: Lockheed Skunk Works Darkstar Movie Prop to be At Edwards Air Show

The Darkstar (Image credit: Lockheed Martin) Fictional Movie Prop From “Top Gun: Maverick” Will Appear at STEM Display. The fictional movie prop of the Darkstar hypersonic test aircraft featured in the opening scene of “Top Gun: Maverick”, will be on static display at Edwards Air Force during their open house this coming October 14-16 according …