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iran to get russian su 35s fighter jets in three months
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Iran To Get Russian Su-35S Fighter Jets In Three Months

A Sukhoi Su-35S (Image credit: Dmitry Terekhov/Wiki) The Su-35S aircraft are part of a major package that will also include air defence systems, missile systems and helicopters. Iran will eventually receive Russian Su-35S Flanker-E jets as part of an agreement with Moscow, an Iranian parliamentarian told according to the Iranian semi-official Tasnim News Agency. According …

ukrainian pilot took a selfie of his blood covered face after ejecting from mig 29
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Ukrainian Pilot Took A Selfie Of His Blood-Covered Face After Ejecting From MiG-29

Instagram photo via Ukraine MOD Maj. Vadym Voroshylov snapped a selfie after a night ejection from his MiG-29 Fulcrum. Known by his callsign Karaya, Maj. Vadym Voroshylov already was the most famous MiG-29 Fulcrum of the Ukrainian Air Force. On his Instagram account, followed by 130K users, he regularly posts photographs as well as footage …

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Crazy First-Person Footage Of A Russian Pilot Ejecting From A Su-25SM Over Ukraine

Some screenshots revealing the ejection series from a Russian Su-25SM over Ukraine. This is possibly the very first activity video camera battle jet ejection video footage. An insane video footage has actually begun doing the rounds on social media networks: published by the prominent Russian Fighterbomber Telegram network (and after that offered on their Youtube …

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Shahed 136 ‘Kamikaze’ Drone Caught Seconds Before Hitting Target In Ukraine

A Shahed 136 self-destruction drone couple of secs prior to as well as after striking a target in Ukraine .(Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP )The Iranian-made Russian-operated self-destruction drone is among the numerous released throughout the current large wave of assaults throughout Ukraine. Today Ukraine awakened once again under a rainfall of fire, with Russian pressures performing …

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Russian Air Force Activity Near Polish Airspace Is ‘Intensifying’ According To The Italian Air Force

An Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon(Image credit rating: Giovanni Colla/Italian Air Force)In packages, a few of the Russian airplane obstructed over the Baltics(display grabs from ItAF video clip)The Italian Eurofighters released to Poland have actually performed 16 sharp shuffles to obstruct 19 Russian fight airplane in the last couple of weeks. An “remarkable number “according …

possible russian operated iranian loitering munitions spotted in ukraine
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Feasible Russian-Operated Iranian Loitering Munitions Spotted In Ukraine

The remains of a Shahed-136 loitering munition located in Ukraine.(Photo through Twitter)The remains of the munition were located in the Kharkiv Oblast simply couple of weeks after the reports regarding distributions of Iranian drones to Russia. Images arised online today show up to reveal a took off Iranian-made drone discovered in Ukraine. The images, initially …

ukrainian mig 29s are hunting russian radars with agm 88 harm missiles
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Ukrainian MiG-29s Are Hunting Russian Radars With AGM-88 HARM Missiles

File image of a Ukrainian MiG-29 Fulcrum.(Photo: Ukrainian MoD)In package : an AGM-88 HARM projectile with its LAU-118A launcher.(Photo: U.S. Air Force) United States authorities validated that the AGM-88 has actually been incorporated on the Fulcrum to improve its SEAD abilities. The United States introduced one more safety aid bundle to sustain Ukraine, worth$775 million. …