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spain has ordered 20 new eurofighters to replace part of its legacy f 18 hornets 11
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Spain Has Ordered 20 New Eurofighters To Replace Part Of Its Legacy F-18 Hornets

Eurofighter HALCÓN on ground(Image debt: Airbus)The Halcón arrangement, revealed at the ILA air program in Berlin, will certainly see Spain obtain 16 single-seater and also 4 twin-seater Eurofighters to change component of the tradition F-18 Hornets. On Jun. 23, 2022, Eurofighter GmbH, NATO EF2000 and also Tornado Development, Production and also Logistics Management Agency (NETMA), …

Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

NATO Fighters Intercepted Two Rare Russian Il-22PP ‘Mute’ EW Aircraft Over The Baltics For The Very First Time

A file photo of the Il-22PP Mute. (All images: Alex Snow) The Il-22PP Special Mission Aircraft were intercepted over the Baltic Sea for the very first time. Some pretty interesting close encounters between NATO fighters supporting BAP (Baltic Air Policing) mission and Russian aircraft flying in international airspace close to the airspace of the Baltic …

Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Interesting Photos Of Spanish EF-18 Hornet With Inert Upgraded Taurus 350 Stand-off Air-Launched Cruise Missile

One of the three Spanish EF-18s carrying an inert Taurus missile. (Image credit: SpAF) Spanish Air Force EF-18 Hornets are involved in the recertification after the MLU (Mid-Life Upgrade) of the Taurus 350 missile. Three EF-18M Hornet (C.15 in accordance with the local designation) jets and a team of 19 military from the Centro Logístico …