Time for you to fly after you get your Pilot's License

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flying ga on the holidays
How to Become a Pilot

Flying GA on the Holidays

It’s going to be a busy, crowded Memorial Day weekend, especially for those traveling by air, according to forecasts. The FAA said it expects nearly 313,000 flights during the seven days it counts as the holiday period. This would surpass last year’s total for the same period but fall several thousand flights short of pre-pandemic …

faa invests 100 million to prevent incursions
How to Become a Pilot

FAA Invests $100 Million To Prevent Incursions

The FAA announced it will award $100 million to 12 airports across the country to help prevent runway incursions. According to the agency, the Runway Incursion Mitigation Program grant money will be part of its annual distributions and fund projects such as reconfiguring taxiways that may be confusing, installing airfield lighting, and constructing new taxiways …

remembering brian shul
How to Become a Pilot

Remembering Brian Shul

Brian Shul—SR-71 Blackbird pilot, inspirational speaker, photographer, author, and gifted storyteller has flown west. He was 75. According to a social media post from his sister, Maureen Shul, on Monday, Shul was speaking in front of a large military group in Reno, Nevada, on Saturday night. As was his custom, he ended the event by …

omg insurance
How to Become a Pilot

OMG, Insurance!

Yesterday I flew our Cessna Citation CJ1 single pilot from Austin, Texas, to Tampa, Florida. The weather was good at both ends, but a cold front with thunderstorms reaching upwards of 45,000 feet into the sky lay in wait across the route. At FL 390 only a minor deviation was required and our flight time …

southern illinois university grows fleet
How to Become a Pilot

Southern Illinois University Grows Fleet

The aircraft fleet at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is expanding this month. University officials announced they would be taking delivery of seven glass cockpit Cessna 172s earlier this month. The aircraft were slated to be ferried from Independence, Kansas, to Southern Illinois Airport (KMDH). Several SIU aviation program officials, including director José R. Ruiz, chief flight …

what does a 172 annual cost these days
How to Become a Pilot

What Does a 172 Annual Cost These Days?

What does it cost to maintain an airplane properly? My answer: it depends. Maintenance varies based on the aircraft’s year, model, and operating mission. There are many schools of thought concerning aircraft maintenance. Because perception is reality, all of them are true for the most part. Here is how I break it down. Preventive maintenance …