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Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

We Got A Spectacular Close Look At The Darkstar Movie Prop That Broke Cover at Edwards AFB

The imaginary Lockheed Skunk Works Darkstar flick prop from”Top Gun: Maverick”is hauled right into its screen area at Edwards AFB for this weekend break’s 2022 Aerospace Valley Open House, Air Show & Stem Expo.(All pictures: Tom Demerly/ The Aviationist)Convincingly Real Darkstar Movie Prop from”Top Gun: Maverick”Will Display with SR-71. It’s a motion picture prop, yet …

u s east coast nas oceana airshow returns to massive crowds impressive displays
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

United State East Coast NAS Oceana Airshow Returns to Massive Crowds, Impressive Displays

AS Oceana showcases U.S. Naval air travel throughout their yearly air program, which has actually come to be a fave of digital photographers(All pictures credit scores: TheAviationist/Tom Demerly )Navy F-35C Demo Team Thrills as Blue Angels Return to Oceana in Super Hornets.” Our area as well as the globe required an excellent tale and also …

beyond the airshow zeltweg was the field of battle for industries and international powers
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Beyond the Airshow: Zeltweg Was The ‘Field Of Battle’ For Industries And International Powers

The Chinese Y-20 was among the highlights of the Airpower 2022 at Zeltweg (Image credit: Hilgo Schigt). In the boxes, other interesting aircraft that took part in the flying displays (Image credit: Luca Ocretti and Hilgo Schigt). The first weekend of September was a very special one in Austria as Zeltweg hosted for the tenth …

flying on fifi what its like to relive history on a b 29 and why its so important
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Flying on ‘Fifi’: What It’s Like to Relive History on a B-29, And Why It’s So Important.

Some photographs of our flight in B-29 Fifi. (All images credit: Tom Demerly/The Aviationist) Living the Legacy of One of History’s Greatest Aircraft, and Its Greatest Generation. This suddenly seems right. After two hours of never-ending Michigan road construction, I exit the main I-75 north-south freeway and am transported back seven decades. It could be …