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EDMO Offering Autopilot Cable Adjustment Tools


One of the more challenging aspects of aviation maintenance is knowing how much tension to put on an autopilot cable. You don’t want to guess at it, because this can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

EDMO Distributors. can help you do the job more safely with Sprague Instruments’ wireless “Gripper” digital cable tensiometer. An easy-to-read digital screen enhances the process.

According to the manufacturer, “the tension measurement head is a low-profile, streamlined separate unit from the hand-held display that features a highly visible, backlit, flat-faced LCD screen.” 

The display and the tension head connect through a Bluetooth link. Both are powered by LiPo rechargeable batteries and can be recharged together using the supplied dual charger. As you make adjustments, the metrics appear on the screen.


The company provides an online video tutorial to show you how it is done.

Three separate kits are available:

  • A bridal cable kit (P/N CTRBCWL30) covering three cable sizes (1/16, 3/32, 1/8) with a tension range of 10-30 pounds.
  • A control cable kit (P/N CTRGAWL150) covering five cable sizes (1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16) and a tension range of 10-150 pounds.
  • And a third (P/N CTRDHWL150) that includes both tension heads with a single display to give the user full capability in one kit.

The kit is housed in a molded case with custom-cut foam for long-life protection.

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