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new footage claims to show the drone attack on the russian a 50u aircraft in belarus
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

New Footage Claims To Show The Drone Attack On The Russian A-50U Aircraft In Belarus

Screenshot from the footage about to land on the Russian A-50 SATCOM antenna dome. Eventually, another clip has been released, supposedly showing the attack on the Mainstay radar jet. As reported yesterday, on Feb. 26, 2023, the Belarusian partisan group, BYPOL, claimed a Russian Beriev A-50U Mainstay airborne early warning & control aircraft had been …

xq 58 valkyrie uavs delivered to eglin afb as kratos flies improved block 2 variant
Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

XQ-58 Valkyrie UAVs Delivered To Eglin AFB As Kratos Flies Improved Block 2 Variant

The 40th Flight Test Squadron took possession of the first of two government-owned Kratos XQ 58A Valkyrie aircraft. The Valkyrie is a low-cost, high-performance uncrewed air vehicle. It is rocket-launched off a rail system and is controlled from a ground station or airborne fighter. An onboard computer system is capable determining the best flight path …

turkeys first indigenous unmanned fighter aircraft carries out autonomous taxi tests
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Turkey’s First Indigenous Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Carries Out Autonomous Taxi Tests

The new Kizilelma drone during its ground tests. (Image credit: Baykar) The Bayraktar Kizilelma drone has successfully completed the first autonomous taxi and take-off roll test. Baykar, the Turkish aerospace company that produces the Bayraktar TB2 Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicles which have played a starring role both in the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War and in the Ukrainian war, …

Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Requirements

Shahed 136 ‘Kamikaze’ Drone Caught Seconds Before Hitting Target In Ukraine

A Shahed 136 self-destruction drone couple of secs prior to as well as after striking a target in Ukraine .(Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP )The Iranian-made Russian-operated self-destruction drone is among the numerous released throughout the current large wave of assaults throughout Ukraine. Today Ukraine awakened once again under a rainfall of fire, with Russian pressures performing …