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A Golden Anniversary for King Schools

John Martha King 50 year anniversary

In 1974, amidst a backdrop of historical events, John and Martha King embarked on a journey that would shape the aviation training landscape for decades to come. Their videos have touched the minds and hearts of generations of learner pilots. Now, as King Schools commemorates its 50th anniversary, the couple reflects on their remarkable legacy.

Barry Knuttila, CEO of King Schools,said, “2024 marks 50 years since John and Martha began what has turned into a lifelong passion and an exceedingly successful business.” Through their dedication, pilots have achieved their training goals, navigating regulatory changes and technological advancements.

Martha King remarked, “It’s humbling to see that our little idea has turned into something so successful and enduring.” Their pioneering approach, characterized by clear, simple, and fun instruction, has resonated with aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

From humble beginnings conducting ground school courses to pioneering video instruction, the Kings revolutionized aviation education. Today, King Schools stands as the premier supplier of instructional materials, utilized by over half of all U.S. pilots.


John highlighted the couple’s unique partnership, stating, “When we paired up, we decided to be equal partners in everything we would do.” Their determination and shared vision have been instrumental in the company’s longevity and success.

As they continue to inspire future aviators, the Kings remain active in the industry, flying their Falcon 10 jet and developing new courses. Their contributions have been recognized through numerous accolades, including induction into  halls of fame and the upcoming Richard G. McSpadden General Aviation Safety Award.

To celebrate this milestone, King Schools has launched a year-long celebration, featuring events, special offers, and updates on their website and social media platforms.

As Knuttila summarized, “In 2024, Nixon, Rubik, Skylab, and John’s sideburns are long gone, but John and Martha King are still educating pilots with insights gained during a lifetime of learning and experience.” The aviation community anticipates the next chapter in the Kings’ remarkable journey.


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