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Bargain Buys on AircraftForSale: 1979 Beechcraft 77 Skipper

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Today’s bargain provides ample space for two, great visibility, and legendary Beechcraft quality at an operating cost similar to that of a basic Cessna 150. With only 312 examples produced and around 200 remaining on the FAA registry, the Skipper is a relatively rare type that adds some interesting variety to any ramp. This unique chapter of Beechcraft history is available for $69,500 on AircraftForSale.

First flown in 1975, just two years after the nearly identical-looking Piper Tomahawk, the Skipper was sold between 1979 and 1981, with some unsold examples selling as 1982 models. Like the Tomahawk, the concept was born from an evaluation of what people wanted out of a two-place plane with about 100 horsepower. The overwhelming answer was something less cramped and more comfortable than a 150, so Beechcraft designed the Skipper, outfitting it with a slightly more powerful Lycoming O-235.

For a shopper who values solid mechanicals over fresh paint and the latest avionics, this particular Skipper is just what the doctor ordered. The centerpiece of the airplane is the engine. Freshly overhauled in 2023, it has flown regularly since then and now has 250 hours since major overhaul. 

While the exterior is far from new, it looks decent with only a few blemishes here and there. Inside, the interior plastics appear to be largely intact with no obvious signs of abuse. This is possibly a result of the relatively low 2,370 hours on the airframe. As an added bonus, the airplane is presented as having no damage history.


What the panel lacks in modernization is makes up for in tidiness, retaining the orderly factory layout and providing plenty of space for easy avionics upgrades. A uAvionix skyBeacon brings the Skipper into ADS-B compliance, and a small throttle quadrant with levers rather than push-pull knobs makes the little airplane feel larger than it is.

You can arrange financing of the aircraft through FLYING Finance. For more information, email [email protected].

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