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Hartzell Propeller Acquires WhirlWind Propellers, Diversifying Product Line

Hartzell Propeller Acquires WhirlWind Propellers

Hartzell Propeller announced on Wednesday its acquisition of WhirlWind Propellers Corporation’s assets, marking a significant expansion into the light sport aircraft sector. Established in 1995, WhirlWind Propellers specializes in manufacturing composite constant-speed and ground-adjustable propellers for various aircraft markets, including light-sport and unmanned vehicles.

Hartzell Propeller president JJ Frigge expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, emphasizing its potential to enhance propeller development capabilities. “The acquisition allows Hartzell to further expand WhirlWind’s rapid propeller development capabilities for the design, tooling, and manufacturing of advanced carbon composite propellers,” Frigge stated.

Hartzell plans to maintain the WhirlWind brand and its product offerings, demonstrating a commitment to continuity and innovation within the sector. Jim Rust, former president of WhirlWind Propellers, will continue his service with Hartzell, leveraging his technological expertise in rapid prototyping composite propeller systems. Rust expressed his excitement about joining the Hartzell team, stating, “I am excited to be part of the Hartzell Propeller team and eager to see the WhirlWind brand continue to thrive under Hartzell’s leadership.”

The acquisition signals a strategic move by Hartzell to broaden its product portfolio and strengthen its position in the aviation market, particularly in the growing light-sport aircraft segment.


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