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ICON Announces Bankruptcy Filing

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ICON Aircraft announced the company was entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, “The Company further disclosed that it intends to pursue a sale of its business,” said the release.

“We plan to continue to produce and sell aircraft and provide first-rate service, training, and support to our customers,” stated Jerry Meyer, CEO of ICON.

After recent difficult news for Searey producer Progressive Aerodyne and Seamax from Brazil, this may illustrate the challenge of bringing an LSA seaplane to market.

Producers of more fundamental seaplanes like Aero Adventure may shine a light on the value of simpler, more affordable projects. Aero Adventure will appear at Sun ‘n Fun and offers highly affordable aircraft.


Another Brazilian producer, Scoda Aeronautica, is enjoying good sales and success with their Super Petrel XP (recent article), which will debut at Sun ‘n Fun 2024.

The excitement in Lakeland, Florida is about to start. Check out all the latest and greatest at Sun ‘n Fun’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

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