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Relive Your 2023 Flights with ForeFlight

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ForeFlight has capped off the year by launching a great tool allowing pilots to see—and share—an interactive summary of the flights they logged in 2023.

Named ForeFlight Recap, the web-based feature pulls “aggregated data from a pilot’s 2023 entries in ForeFlight Logbook.” It then showcases information, including the number of flights, total distance flown, total time logged, and number of landings completed for the year. The tool also provides an interactive map thatwhich connects all airports visited by the pilot in 2023.

Pilots can choose to keep their rRecaps private or share an image and interactive preview of them on platforms such as Facebook and X (formerly Twitter). In addition, ForeFlight included a “Make Private” button, so access to previously shared rRecaps can be revoked. Recaps can also be downloaded.

According to the company, Recap is now available for any pilot who logged flights on ForeFlight in 2023. ForeFlight noted that Recap will also work for pilots who have not logged flights in ForeFlight Logbook, provided they “import data from other digital platforms or from their paper logbook using catch-up entries.” 


Recap is currently not supported by the ForeFlight Mobile app but can be viewed with both computer and mobile device on ForeFlight Web.

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