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the battle of midway
How to Become a Pilot

The Battle of Midway

We recognize the 80th anniversary of one of the most significant battles of World War II. After months of demoralizing losses for the Allies, the Battle of Midway was the first major victory in the Pacific theater and halted Japanese expansion. The Battle of the Coral Sea, only a month earlier, holds the distinction of …

How to Become a Pilot

How Much Flying Stuff Pays/Costs

Becoming a pilot, whether as a hobby or a career, is a dream shared by many, and rightfully so—defying gravity in a big metal bird is incredibly fulfilling! Unfortunately, achieving that dream can often require deep pockets and, for some, the costs are prohibitive. Earning a private pilot certification can run the average flight student …

How to Become a Pilot

Plane Facts: MedEvac

From rescuing wounded soldiers on the battlefield to extracting vehicular accident victims, air ambulances have been saving thousands of lives for more than 100 incredible years. Their ability to reach people fast and access remote areas even in challenging terrain gives them a clear advantage over ground EMS vehicles. Some hefty downsides exist, however—namely with …

How to Become a Pilot

Facts About Midair Collisions

Advertisement Near-Midair Collisions Reported Each Year: Approximately 200Actual Collisions: Between 15 and 25 Fatal: 70% Distance From Airport Most Occur: Within 5 milesAverage Altitude: Less than 1,000 feetTypical Meteorological Conditions: VFCMost Common Time: 10 a.m.-5 p.m., weekends Percent Occurring Within Traffic Pattern: Around half During Takeoff/Climb: 10%At Non-Towered Airports: 78%Cases Involving No Radio Communication: About …

How to Become a Pilot

Weather Hazards

Advertisement When the subject of in-flight hazards comes up, non-pilots think of the kinds of things that one might see in a 1970s Hollywood blockbuster— explosions and hijackings and volcanoes. The truth is far less dramatic and far more insidious. For small planes, anyway, the things that cause flights to come to harm are usually …