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Video: Paraglider Gets Visit from Large Vulture

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If paragliding doesn’t look beautiful and peaceful enough all on its own, this video shows a paraglider pilot getting a visit from a feathered friend, a large vulture! The video, shot in the skies of Brazil, shows the bird joining up in flight and landing on the pilot’s feet. The bird seems very at home with this person, so it hitches a ride for a bit. One commenter joked that it might have been looking for its “carrion bag!”

We just love how the bird gets its equilibrium after landing, retracting its wings bit by bit after it gets comfortable with the fact that it can simply take a rest. At that point the pilot reaches out and pets the bird.

If this seems too good to be true, it’s not. But there is a backstory. The pilot is friends with the bird already. Some eagle-eyed watchers have noted the tag on the buzzard’s leg. It was, indeed, a rescue bird that was raised and then released by the pilot’s friend and whom the pilot has known for quite some time. So it wasn’t a first meeting by any means. It is nonetheless amazing. And we apologize for the music! Please feel free to watch it on mute!

A Flying Gig That’s for the Birds


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